This summer of love is just getting started

2024 • July 6, 2024

Hey there. Hot enough for you? 

I want to share more of the ‘summer of love’ theme I talked about the other week. So I hope you’re sitting in the shade or at least indoors, preferably with a chilled beverage.

How are you? How are you feeling? Is your head spinning with all the wild news out there? Are you picking up on those heavy vibes of anger and fear floating around?

I get it. But let me tell you that there’s a whole lotta love waiting for you, too.

We’re definitely living in a time when love is not just a nice-to-have, but a must-have. Love isn’t just the cherry on top anymore. It’s the whole damn sundae! 

It’s our sparkly compass, our North Star, our superhero cape all rolled into one. And I’m not just talking about the lovey-dovey romantic stuff or the warm fuzzies for your inner circle. 

I’m putting words to the big, juicy, all-encompassing love that hugs every nook and cranny, and touches every part of your life.

Self-love magic is where it all begins. It’s like building your very own love factory right in your heart. Creating a foundation of inner peace and joy that radiates outwards. Treating yourself with the kindness and respect you deserve. Recognizing your worth and nurturing your own well-being on a daily basis. 

This isn’t a feel-good mantra. This kind of love is a necessity. And a reminder that when your love tank is full, you can paint the town pink with all that extra juice. 

Which brings us to community love, the collective heartbeat of our groovy little world. It’s the smiles you share with strangers, the support you give to your friends, the connections you build that lift us all higher. 

In these confusing topsy-turvy times, reaching out and strengthening your bonds is like tossing a glitter bomb of positivity into the universe. And it’s more important than ever. It’s time to create a tidal wave of love to counteract the waves of negativity that sometimes crash over us.

I believe that loving humanity means seeing the divine spark in every single person. It’s recognizing our shared journey, and then naturally extending compassion and kindness universally. 

We’re all on this planet together, and your actions, no matter how teeny-tiny, have the power to turn and reshape the world. You and I know we’re are all interconnected. That means it’s our collective energy that shapes the future.

So, last but not least, we need to show more love to our gorgeous mama Earth. She’s the hostess with the mostest, a magnificent, living entity that supports us in countless ways. It’s about high time we treated her like the queen she is. 

Every little eco-friendly choice you make is blowing a kiss to the planet. Appreciate her beauty and give this beautiful blue marble some serious TLC. 

We all have a responsibility to protect and nurture this incredible home of ours and each act of love, no matter how small, contributes to it all. Because it’s showtime. It’s time to take the director’s chair in the blockbuster of your life and flood the world with those love vibrations. 

Love isn’t just a feeling. It’s the bodacious, mind-blowing force in the universe. And we gotta make it rain love and watch the world bloom like never before.

So, here’s a sneak peek at what I’m putting in the love juicer these days…

The other week I hinted that something truly “lovely” is on its way. By that I mean that I’m creating a space to go deep into these aspects of love, where you receive the support and guidance to expand your capacity for love in all its forms. This is what I’m cooking up right now — a special offering designed to help you cultivate and radiate love. A platform to create more joy, connection, and harmony in your life and the world around you.

Stay tuned, because this is going to be something that takes the energy of summer and catapults it into the future.

I want you to paint this world with love-tinted glasses, sprinkle kindness like confetti, and wrap your arms around your nearest and dearest so tight they feel the sparkle in your soul! 

I want you to pause and drink in all the itty-bitty miracles dancing around you from the giggle of a child to the sway of flowers in the breeze. 

Like I said, it’s showtime for your heart and we need it to shine like a disco ball, sending out groovy waves of love that’ll make your whole neighbourhood boogie. Because every sweet gesture you make is like tossing a pebble in a pond. Those ripples of love just keep on grooving.

Jonni 🌟

P.S. The 21-day love odyssey starts on the 21st of July to coincide with the Full Moon  💖

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