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Are you wrestling with the questions, "Why me? Why now?" You're not alone, and the answers are closer than you think.

Welcome, I'm Jonni, your guide through the transformative realms of transpersonal therapy and time travel. Whether you're seeking to connect the dots to a deeper understanding of your life or exploring the interconnected web of your past, present, and future, you've come to the right place.

For over three decades, I've facilitated journeys that go beyond just hopping timelines; they make sense of the here and now.

It's about embracing life as an unbroken continuum and using the wisdom you gather to empower your current reality.

Through transpersonal therapy, we unlock not just the mysteries of time but also the intricate tapestry that is your life.

Let's dive deep to unearth the answers to your questions, reclaim the fragments of your existence scattered across time, and enable you to live a life full of purpose, clarity, and interconnectedness.


In a world buzzing with questions and craving answers, stepping into the role of a time traveller is like unlocking a treasure of joy and profound self-love.

Imagine your life unfolding in colours and dimensions you never thought possible, your heart embracing the endless "what-ifs" and turning them into "what nows."

So, here's my question to you: Are you prepared for this incredible odyssey that will redefine your very existence?


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"Jonni has the power to shift your life so you can see with more clarity, feel with more depth, and open your heart to it all. There are times when the knowing comes like a lightening bolt, and how I perceive or experience something, how I relate to someone or myself even, is changed in an instant."

Peta Malone

hear from fellow time travelLers

"I have been exploring the many ways to awaken further to soul, and Jonni's offerings are of the most direct and meaningful ways I could possibly experience. Their value is immeasureable."

Susan Leblanc


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