Studying transpersonal psychology wasn't just a quest for knowledge. It was a quest for healing and understanding - because time travel therapy is for anyone brave enough to ask, 'Why me?' 'Why now?' 'What if?' and 'Why not?'

Life has a way of serving up a cocktail that’s equal parts joy and tragedy, and I’ve had my share of both. Each loss - all 4 siblings, parents, and the devastating exit of my son, Connor - left an imprint. But rather than turning to the last page and closing the book, I dug deeper. I took those imprints and turned them into insights, leading me to a career that's not just about digging through the archives of the soul, but also adding some technicolour to the monochrome moments of our pasts.

 a seasoned cartographer of the human spirit

Hello there, I'm Jonni



Hatched in the heart of the 60s in a town too snug to be on any map, my first act unfolded on the rambunctious stage of a hobby farm. It was a cast of characters - horses, cows, pigs, and a vibrant ensemble of animal companions - that weren’t merely pets, but co-stars in the early chapters of my life.

These creatures, each with their own quirks, wove into me an enduring syncopation with the cadences of the living world. It was there, among the muck and the mayhem, that I learned life’s rhythms and the unspoken language of the heart. This wasn't just a childhood - it was the first chapter in my personal anthology.

Fast forward to today and you'll find me soaking up the serene vibes of the Sunshine Coast, BC, with my partner, my rock, my husband. It’s our slice of heaven where the whispers of the forest and the wisdom of the ocean keep things in perspective.

The past, the present, the future

Life's an anthology of stories

Whether you've got a soft spot for the sweet allure of the past, you're seeking insights that reshape tomorrow or you're on the hunt for deep, transformative truths no matter where they are - consider me your open-hearted guide. 

My arms (and heart) are wide open, ready to accompany you on an epic exploration through time's hidden vaults, where we'll unearth the jewels of your unique narrative.

Your open-hearted guide

We’ve parked a shiny beacon of yesteryear right in our backyard: a vintage Airstream, lovingly named 'Silver Lining.' It’s a retro retreat where the past cozies up to the present and whispers, 'Isn’t life grand?'

Proof that you can travel in time without ever leaving home. 

Our Silver time Capsule