Summer rhythms & why I’m shifting to spontaneous newsletters 🌞

2024 • June 6, 2024

Hey there, it’s Jonni from The Time Traveller’s Life, checking in with you as we start June. 

With the season changing, I’ve been reflecting on how our rhythms and cycles will adapt, too. That’s why I’ve decided to shift this newsletter to be more spontaneous in its delivery. It’ll feels more in tune with the natural flow of the season, giving us all a bit more space to breathe, reflect, and really soak in summer’s magic.

Summer may be the season of sunshine and vacations, but it’s also the time to sync up with the pulse of the collective consciousness and use that energy to fuel your personal journey. 

Think of it as a state of mind or a time of expansion, growth, and light. What can you do all that? 

Well, here’s a few things I do – and recommend.

🌞 One of my favourite summer rituals is waking up just before sunrise and spending those quiet moments journalling about my dreams (both my night AND daydreams). The early morning light brings a special kind of clarity. Dawn’s light illuminates my inner world. Try it. You’ll be amazed at the insights that surface.

🌞 I don’t sunbathe, but I’ve been known to starbathe. I live away from the city lights, so on clear summer nights, I lay down and let the starlight wash over me. It connects me to the hugeness of the universe, yet it’s also incredibly grounding. It reminds me that I’m part of something much bigger. Plus, it’s a beautiful way to meditate and release the day’s stress.

🌞 I also communicate with trees. Yes, you read that right. I find a tree I’m particularly drawn to and spend some time with it. I sit under its branches, touch its bark, and intimately feel its energy. Trees have been around forever, and they hold the wisdom of time, so I do this as an experience of connection and grounding. You might even feel like the tree is communicating back in subtle ways. (I do.)

🌞 Summer is also the perfect time to strengthen community bonds. Check out the local events, markets, and festivals that really come back in this season. Join a community garden or participate in local volunteer activities. My husband, Blake, volunteered to release 20,000 salmon fry to a creek last weekend, and he came home beaming! These activities support local economies, sure, but they also foster a sense of belonging and connectedness for all of us.

🌞 And lastly, the world is constantly changing, and staying informed can feel overwhelming. But instead of getting lost in the news, use it as a catalyst for your personal growth. Reflect on a global event that’s caught your attention and consider how it impacts you and your community. This’ll help you better understand your place in the world and usually inspire you to take actions that align with your values. It’s all about turning external chaos into internal growth.

At its heart, summer is a chance to sync up with the universal flow and let it guide you to new heights. The energy of the season moves you to relax and enjoy AND to grow and expand. 

Stay shining,

Jonni 🌟

P.S. I know that life can throw some serious curveballs. Relationship issues, work stress, family drama, you name it, and I’m here for you in a real, ongoing way. That’s why I’m offering 30 days of unlimited texting and emailing. It’s having me right there with you, helping you through whatever summer throws your way. If you need to vent about a tough day, or there’s a breakthrough you want to share, or maybe you need clarity when things get messy, then this continuous support is your anchor. It’s about being there for the highs, the lows, and everything in between so you can make this summer flow.

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