Where does the magic happen?

2024 • May 23, 2024

Hi there. And warm welcomes to the newcomers who’ve floated into my orbit these past few weeks. I see you and I’d love to get to know you better. 

This week, I thought I’d peel back the curtain on why you’re here and why I’m the guide you might just need.

I’m Jonni, and The Time Traveller’s Life is where I stir up a concoction of consciousness, metaphysics, and audacious growth. If you ask me my mission, it’s to dismantle your limited identities and sync you up with the universe’s rhythms for that sweet, multidimensional creator flow (take a breath, it’s a mouthful).

As your transpersonal psychotherapist, I thrive on guiding you through expansive realms that are a mix of psychology, spirituality, and those deep, juicy existential queries that keep you up at night.

And where is that exactly? Where does this magic happen? 

Well, it’s certainly not within the bounds of the ordinary. It’s in a place where spirituality crashes into metaphysics, and deep existential questions get bold answers.

Here’s the game plan:

I’m not here to gently nudge you along a well-trodden trail with those snug perceptions you’ve got. I’m here to challenge every perception you’ve ever had about yourself, everyone else, and, yes, even the universe. 

Forget linear living. That’s for amateurs. Trash the idea that life is just a straight line.

You’re here on earth today to engage with all your dimensions and welcome the chaos and glory of past, present, and potential selves as they interweave through time and space. It’s more than just life-changing. It’s actually life-expanding.

Sound a bit out there? Maybe. But, oh, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Your reality is more than flesh and bones. You’re infinitely more than just a physical being wandering through a pre-set path. Your past lives, your future lives, and yes, even your parallel lives are all in on the game, shaping your now in ways you might not even see coming.

Together, we unravel this truth about you through vibrant dialogues, soulful conversations, and what I cheekily dub ‘time travel therapy’. Whether we’re chatting over the phone, firing texts, sending emails, or meeting on Zoom, we’ll peel back layers and revel in the discovery of the expansive you that’s been waiting to take centre stage.

  • But why does this matter? 
  • Why exactly should you care about syncing with your universally attuned self? 
  • And why should you go this far and this deep when, right now, real-world pressures and questions are demanding your time and focus?

Because it dramatically changes every one of your challenges into an epic adventure. It redefines them. Career stagnation or obstacles, rocky relationship rollercoasters, personal potholes and dilemmas go from being nuisances to stepping stones. Challenges turn into chrysalises so your true and whole self can thrive.

In other words, every setback becomes a setup for a comeback intended to expand your sense of yourself beyond even the limits you could imagine.

And yes, I’ll drop it again because it deserves repeating: Every damn setback in your life is your runway to a stunning comeback that will redefine your world. It’s all about expanding into the best version of YOU.

After 30+ years of swimming in these cosmic currents, I’ve honed a blend of earth-shaking insights and grounded, practical strategies that are as real as they are (r)evolutionary.

So, what do you say? If you’re itching to step beyond the conventional and say yes to the extraordinary, it’s time we talked.

We don’t have to change the game, just the rules.

Ready when you are,

Jonni 🌟

P.S. Consider this your nudge. If you’re craving a life that resonates deeply with your soul’s purpose, let’s map it together. We can craft a vibrant life so authentically YOU, it’ll make the ordinary world look grayscale. Reach out here and make your spiritual actualization a vivid, vital part of your everyday life. 

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