Wanna know my daily acts of rebellion against the routine? 

2024 • May 16, 2024

Hey there, it’s Jonni from The Time Traveller’s Life, dialling in to get a bit more real with you this week. 

The sun’s shining as I write this, but just like the weather, life can flip from clear skies to storm clouds in a heartbeat.

Life’s thrown its fair share of curveballs at me. Some I saw coming (in hindsight, of course), and others came out of the blue. But through it all, I refused to let the everyday grind, those ruts and patches of flatness, dull my sparkle.


If you’re like me – trying to live vibrantly and tap into your boundless self – sometimes it feels like life’s just testing how bright we can really shine, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly why I want to share how I keep my vibe high, even when life gets spiky, or my thoughts start sprinting toward Anxietyville.

Over the years, I’ve cultivated a few key moves that fortify my day and keep my spirit resilient. If you want to know my secret sauce for not just surviving but thriving, for keeping my inner light shining bright, read on:

1) First up, my Morning Manifesto. Each morning starts with me setting an intention out loud and in my Notes app. It’s always slightly different, but in a nutshell, my personal pep talk dispels any fears and says, “Bring it on,” regardless of what’s thrown at me. After doing this for years, I can tell you it seriously sets the stage for everything that follows.

2) Then there’s my Zen in Chaos tactic. Even on the busiest days, I find moments to just breathe. Whether that’s while I’m queuing up for my Americano or taking care of my greenhouse in between clients, these little pauses are gold dust. They help me recalibrate and make sure I’m not just going through the motions.

3) Noise and chaos can get overwhelming, so most days I whip out my Sensory Shield. That may sound like a superhero device but it’s just a dab of lavender oil on my wrists, and it does wonders. It pulls me back from the edge, especially after dodging shopping carts or navigating traffic. It’s the scent and the ritual of it.

4) Each night, I hit the reset button with my Energy Hygiene ritual. You can think of it as a soul cleanse. As my bath water swirls down the drain, so does all the day’s junk, leaving my vibe clean and sparkly. It’s symbolic, practical, and luxurious.

5) And I wrap it all up with a Nightly Audit as I lay in bed. It’s my nightly sign-off that keeps me aligned and ready to do it all again tomorrow. No harsh judgments, just a warm reflection on what vibes I rode and what intentions soared. 

These are the routines that represent my daily acts of rebellion against the mundane. They’re my way to make sure I live as the brightest version of myself. Every. Single. Day.

And think of this as your invitation to turn up the dial on your life. You don’t have to settle for background noise when you can create your own personalized soundtrack.  It’s how to keep your vibes high and live life on your terms.

Stay illuminated,

Jonni 🌟

P.S. If you’re struggling to find your sparkle, I’m here. If you’re feeling your light is only flickering, hit me up. We can fan those flames together and keep your world brightly lit, no matter what shadows might fall. We can turn ordinary into extraordinary, one vibrant step at a time. 

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