But what does that look like on a regular Thursday? 

2024 • May 9, 2024

Hi again. Jonni here from The Time Traveller’s Life. 

For the last month of weekly blog posts/newsletters, I’ve been talking about upgrading from the old, linear version of you to a more multifaceted, multidimensional self. 

This week, I’ve decided to dig into what it means to step up to the next level – into a version of you that sails past the conventional bounds of time and space. Because you’re not just walking through life; you’re more than flesh and bones. (You know that.) 

You’re a soul-fuelled powerhouse bursting with untapped and limitless potential. 

Do you believe that? Then, let’s uncover the next level of your daily life by redefining the very essence of your daily existence. 

Imagine waking up each day not just as a participant in your life – but as its creator. 

That mindset shift can totally change how you feel about getting out of bed each morning.  

This new version of you isn’t confined by past scripts or future anxieties. And not by past anxieties and future scripts either! Nope. You’re fully able to shape your reality. In fact, the next version of you skillfully steers through different realities. 

You bend time and space with the sheer power of intention. 

You go from just managing life to mastering it in your own unique way. 

You recognize that every moment is a chance to redirect your journey and to make choices that resonate deeply with your core.

But what does that look like on a regular Thursday? 

It means waking up and asking yourself questions like, “What creation am I bringing to life today?” “What am I going to kickstart?” “What’s my mission today?” “What am I firing up?” “What am I getting after?” “What’s on my make-it-happen list today?”

Whatever it is, it’s all about being the REAL you: Resilient, Essential, Authentic, Luminous. 

Let’s break it down even further:

1) Start with intentional living. I know “intentional” is a buzzword, but think of it as starting your day with a purpose. So, instead of being swept away by the current of your routines, ask yourself, “What will I create today?” 

Each decision you make is made with intention. You’re actively shaping it. You choose how to spend your energy and emotions. So, your intention might be as simple as bringing a smile to someone’s face or as complex as solving a longstanding issue you’ve been chewing on. Either way, when you fill your actions with intention, you’re creating something extraordinary.

2) Now, you’re ready for dynamic interactions.  Think of everyone, from your significant other to your barista to your neighbour, as a key player in your day. Engage with them like true collaborators because every conversation is an opportunity to strengthen your bond with the universe – and everyone is part of it. 

Each interaction is your shot to boost your connection with everything. Every meet-up is a moment to grow your ties with the bigger picture. Every chat is a chance to link up deeper with the world. Your conversations can be so much more than exchanges. You’re in this soul-based life together. 

3) Next, get creative. Think of each challenge as a block of marble waiting for you to carve out something fascinating. Your daily problems are no longer obstacles but changes to apply your creative prowess.

Stuck on a boring task? Jazz it up. Make your routine a ritual, and turn those tasks into a chance to flex your creative muscles and innovative spirit.

Stuck in a traffic jam? Think of that as your studio time for audiobooks, language learning, or maybe planning your next adventure.

I’m not talking about grand gestures or life-altering epiphanies every day. The subtle shifts bring you closer to your true essence and help you flow more smoothly with the universe’s rhythms. 

It’s about finding joy in the fact that with every breath, you’re co-creating your reality. You’re making the ordinary extraordinary and seeing the mundane through the lens of wonder. 

Simply put, it’s all about how deeply you connect with each moment.

Next week, I’ll share some practical tips on how to maintain this mindset and keep your connection to this infinite, universally attuned self strong and clear, even when life tries to drag you back into the mundane. How to keep living this high-frequency life no matter what kind of noise the world throws at you to try and dull your sparkle.

For now, pick one thing you can do today to bring some extra colour from your soul into your world. Whether it’s a tiny tweak or a huge leap, make it a step toward creating a living masterpiece out of your every day.

P.S. Feeling like your every day is just ‘every day’?  Remember, I’m here with tailored sessions to help you transform the mundane into something magical. Whenever you’re ready, reach out, and we’ll make the ordinary extraordinary, one vibrant step at a time.

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