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2024 • May 2, 2024

Hey, it’s Jonni here, tuning in from The Time Traveller’s Life smack in the middle of a glorious spring. The air’s buzzing, my greenhouse and gardens are all set – yep, this is how I spring into action. 

But spring isn’t just for planting tomatoes and snapdragons. It’s also prime time to refresh your mental gardens too. So, this week, I want to get into those self-doubt traps head-on and move from just recognizing them to actively stepping over them. 

It’s the only way to power up and align more closely with your universally attuned self. 

Remember the list from last week? Let’s start with – “I need to be in charge to make things go right.”

Do you remember I called this the control paradox? For good reason. Because trying to control everything is like trying to grab hold of the ocean. It’s exhausting, and honestly, it’s a fight you’re not going to win. (I’ve tried; I lost.)

So, if this is one of your mental roadblocks, try experimenting with active, conscious surrender this week. In other words, give yourself a break. 

How? Pick a day, step back, get out of your own way, and let life happen. Just observe how it guides you beyond your planned boundaries, your inner control freak. You might be surprised at how things fall into place when you don’t try and force them. 

Notice the synchronicities and the unexpected things that happen when you work with the universe’s rhythm rather than imposing your own.

It will be no surprise when I remind you that the universe operates on a divine system. And sometimes, stepping back lets you witness its biggest unfoldings. 

Watch how life flows when you trust the universe and let the unexpected lead the way. Remember, it’s about harmony, not control. There’s a lot of freedom when you’re not trying to steer every detail. 

Maybe this is more your self-talk: “I feel like I’m falling short if I’m not always doing something big.”

This belief is a trap of conditional self-worth. But what if you’re enough exactly as you are? Who says you need to be on 24/7? 

Take a day (or as long as you can) this week to just be. No checklists, no goals, just you enjoying the moment—quality, not quantity.

Spend your day in nature, in waking meditation, or with your journal, connecting with the deeper sense of yourself that exists beyond your achievements.

Dim down the self-talk and that constant inner voice and focus on the beauty of just being. I promise you that this connection to the universe will replenish your spirit and redefine what true ‘achievement’ means to you. It’s also where true growth sprouts.

Do you hear this in your head: “If I’m really connected, I shouldn’t be dealing with bad vibes.”

Then, it’s time to debunk this myth. So, this week, feel whatever emotions come up – without judgment. Write them down, talk them out, or just sit with them. Be both curious and compassionate about them. That’s key. 

Each emotion you have has something to teach you. And when you really listen to them you’ll find wisdom in even the darkest of moods. (Hint: they’re always trying to guide you back to your authentic self through your hidden strengths and vulnerabilities.)

So ask yourself what they’re revealing? And use your introspection to understand their personal messages. Then, integrate that into your life.

The last self-talk  self-doubt trap is: “If the change isn’t big, it doesn’t really count.”

Okay, you gonna need to shift that perspective. Start by recognizing the small changes you make every day and celebrating the subtle shifts. You know what they are.

Maybe it’s choosing a healthier lunch, taking five minutes to meditate, or deciding to respond differently in a stressful situation. Just remember, that each mindful breath, each gentle choice of compassion over judgement are micro-movements with immense power.  And they’re building the path to big evolution.

There are other limiting beliefs, of course. But I’d say these are the top four I hear most often

Do you resonate with any (or all) of them? Can you see how these shifts might lighten your load? 

They’re practical steps, not just philosophical insights. They’re actions more than exercises. They don’t just change your beliefs, either. 

They actually help you realign with the universal flow and your whole self.

 What do I mean by that?

I think maybe I’ll leave that for next week…

Jonni 🌟

P.S. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by these mental roadblocks, know that you don’t have to face them alone. Don’t forget that I offer both ongoing support and single sessions tailored to your specific needs. When you’re ready, reach out, and we’ll tackle your challenges together, step by step to make it personal and meaningful, just for you.

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