Are you walking around with a backpack full of bricks?

2024 • April 25, 2024

Hey there, it’s Jonni back with The Time Traveller’s Life. This week, I’m rolling up my sleeves to get real about something that might be holding you back without you even knowing it. 

I’m talking about those pesky limiting beliefs. Pesky: causing trouble.

First off, why should you even care? Well, because being universally attuned isn’t just about acknowledging your vastness. It’s about EMBODYING it, living it, loving it. 

But some beliefs can keep even the most spiritual person, playing small. The solution? You gotta make sure you’re not walking around with a backpack full of bricks. 

So, here’s a breakdown of the common heavy hitters I see most often and why they’re definitely not serving you.

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“I need to be in charge to make things go right.”

I hear this practically daily. It’s the control paradox or the control freak fallacy. It’s trying to control everything but it’s like trying to catch water with a net. It’s the universe laughing when you make plans without it. And quite frankly, it’s exhausting and impossible. 

Holding the reins too tight can block you from the beautiful (and mysterious) spontaneity of life. When you loosen your grip, you open up to the magic of unexpected wonders. Harmony, not control. Life’s got its own rhythm, and sometimes the best things happen when we’re not steering the ship. Trust the process and watch the universe conspire in your favour. 

“I feel like I’m falling short if I’m not always doing something big by contributing or achieving.” 

This is the perpetual motion machine myth. The worthiness trap. You’re not a robot programmed to maximize productivity. You’re a wonderfully complex human. And constant grinding only leads to burnout because constantly striving turns life into an endless race. 

Pause. Breathe. Shift focus. Recognize your intrinsic worth. Yes, just for being you. Value your being over your doing. Take a break to just exist sometimes. The world won’t stop if you take a moment to just be. In fact, it might just catch up. 😉

“If I’m really connected, I shouldn’t be dealing with bad vibes and feel negative emotions.”

I call this the emotional myth, the no dark days doctrine. But being enlightened doesn’t mean you only feel sunshine and rainbows. 

Real enlightenment is about seeing every emotion as a guide, and intentionally visiting the valleys of your human emotions. It means managing them with grace. Sadness, anger, and fear are signposts, telling you something important about your life and how you’re living it. Don’t shut them out. Feel them, learn from them, and invite them in for a chat to teach you their wild wisdom. Rocking the full spectrum of your emotions is your strength, not your weakness.

“If the change isn’t big, it doesn’t really count. It must be monumental to be meaningful.”

I know this as the change illusion. It’s the go big or go home hoax. Not all change comes with fireworks. Not all (r)evolutions are loud. Some of the most intense shifts are the quiet ones that happen when no one’s looking, unfolding in the deep corners of your being. 

Small shifts can create massive ripples. Appreciate them. Celebrate the subtle transformations. They’re just as earth-shaking as the big bangs and can add up to big transformations without all the drama.

Do you see yourself in one or more of these limiting beliefs? If so, here’s the best game plan. We’re going to challenge them.

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Recognizing these thoughts is like opening the curtains to let the sunlight in. Now that they’re in the open, we can start cleaning house together next week.

Each belief you let go of drops some of that weight you’ve been carrying around. You’ll move through your days lighter and freer. Doesn’t that sound liberating? 

I’m right here with you and can’t wait to get into practical strategies to shatter these glass ceilings of the mind. 

Until then, keep questioning the ‘truths’ that limit you. Are you ready to expand beyond them? Because I’m here, ready to guide you to your next quantum leap

Jonni 🌟

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