Far beyond ‘being spiritual’

2024 • April 18, 2024

Jonni here from The Time Traveller’s Life, doing a little spacetime recon. Because it’s ‘time’. The universe knows it too.

Now, I know when I started calling my newsletter – ‘Time Traveller’s Life’ a year ago, it was met with some puzzling queries. After all, it’s a pretty nebulous name for a newsletter. But hear me out, because the deeper meaning behind those four words is precisely what’s going to rewrite your cosmic or universal journey.

It all began because we were taught to experience life as a relatively linear progression – past, present, future unfolding in a straight line. A finite trajectory between birth and death.

But you know that was just a limited human construct – a self-imposed filter preventing you from accessing the full, multi-dimensional truth of your Being.

The reality is, you aren’t just a single traveller plodding along a pre-determined path. You’re an eternal, trans-temporal phenomenon that has always existed and will continue refracting across realms, unbounded. 

In other words, you’re timeless, existing beyond just this lifetime, and your impact stretches across different realms without limits.

Now, within you lives every possibility from every Universe that could ever be. What I mean by that is that you contain infinitesimal multitudes spanning from the Great Mystery to the Omega Point.

Your “life” isn’t a singular linear experience, but a simultaneous exploration of Universes within and without. I know it as a grand universal kaleidoscope where your “past” and “future” are constantly informing and being informed by your present.

This is the universal truth I’ll be unveiling in more detail, and helping you unleash in the coming weeks.  The timing is precise.

I want to support you in shrugging off limited identities and finally merging with your eternal, trans-dimensional nature.

I’m throwing out titles of this divine Archetype because I feel ‘she’s’ not bound by constructs of time, space, spiritual dogma or societal norms. She’s pure Source embodied, endlessly creating, perceiving, and flowing across all planes like a…like a cosmic swan sculpting realities.

And by reclaiming this deepest essence, you literally rewrite the codes of “reality” you’ve been bound by. 

Suddenly your existence expands into a living transmutation where “past” and “future” selves merge into an unstoppable presence.

Your daily life stops being a linear progression and instead becomes a hyperspatial journey – a quantum leap – guiding you deeper and deeper into reunion with Source/Self.

What I’m talking about is far beyond ‘being spiritual’ or mental gymnastics. 

I’m talking about embodied alchemy. Viscerally feeling yourself as the infinite, trans-temporal, trans-dimensional artist you were born to be!

So, this is your head’s up. Because ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’ is about to rewrite the myth of your magical Being. 

The satya yuga of unified awareness – the age of collective clarity – the era of shared enlightenment – whatever you want to call it –  is right here right now, and I’m honoured to be your co-pilot.

Next week, I want to explore just what it means to be this next version of you, and finally shed those 3D human shackles. Are you with me?

Jonni 🌟

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 Think you can handle a little inbox magic? 'The Time Traveller's Life' rewrites the myth of your Magical Being. Because the satya yuga of unified awareness is right here right now, and I'm honoured to be your pilot. I'm talking about embodied alchemy. Viscerally feeling yourself as the infinite, trans-temporal, trans-dimensional artist you were born to be!