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2024 • April 11, 2024

Just out from the glow of the eclipse, which, let’s face it, was 28% awesome with clouds, and now April’s giving us the ol’ rain-and-sunshine shuffle. Welcome back to ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’, your weekly cosmic rendezvous with me, Dr. Jonni Gray, your guide through the inner and outer universe. 

This week, as we splash through puddles and soak up the sun, I wonder if you’re feeling a bit too floaty on your spiritual cloud, losing touch with the terra firma of real, human connections. Because, honestly, the real magic happens not in thinking we’re above it all, but in blending our enlightened selves with the muddy, beautiful mess of daily life.

As we brush off the eclipse dust and dodge those April showers, let’s get down to earth about not letting our spiritual ego trip us up. It’s all about balancing enlightenment with humility and keeping it as real as the spring mud. 

I’ve got something bubbling up that I think we need to tackle head-on this week. It’s about the balancing act we sometimes find ourselves in. 

I’m talking about feeling a smidge more enlightened or dialled into the universe than others around us, while trying to keep our feet planted firmly on Earth.

Now, I’ve been down this road more times than I care to admit. And I’m willing to bet you’ve taken a stroll down this path yourself because thinking you’re on some higher spiritual or psychological plane is as tempting as hitting the snooze button on Monday morning. But it’s a trap. It’s always a trap. 

The idea of superiority is an illusion. Oh, it’s a pretty convincing illusion. But it’ll leave you feeling disconnected, like you’re speaking a different language than everyone else.

Plus, it’s lonely at the top. Standing on that pedestal, even if you climbed it by accident, isn’t the view it’s cracked up to be.

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking you’re just a tad above it all, snap out of it. This isn’t the “Wow, I’m secretly a superhero” kind of deal. It’s more like, “Whoops, did I just become the villain in my own story? Did I just alienate my friends and family?”

Curb Your Enthusiasm - I bid you adieu

If you know I’m talking to you, here’s the reality check that helps.

Every person’s journey is as epic and full of plot twists as yours. When I look at my garden, I see life’s ultimate mixtape — daffodils, daisies, tulips, clematis, and everything in between, all vibing to their own rhythm. And it’s this mashup that makes the world the vibrant, wild place it is.

The genuine truth is when we blend that spiritual jazz with the nuts and bolts of our daily lives. That’s where you hit your stride. Not perched on some pedestal of perceived superiority, but right here, in the thick of it, realizing we’re all part of something way bigger.

It’s super easy to overlook that everyone’s out there fighting their own epic battles. But when you come from a place of empathy, you’re not just connecting, you’re building a whole new world of possibilities for growth, understanding, and genuine moments of connection.

Every single thing you do, every smile, every “how are you really?” is like throwing a stone into the cosmic pond. The ripples are real. And living with this mindset is a rule rewriter, a paradigm shift, a game-changer. 

When you root your spiritual journey in humility and transparency instead of superiority and quiet smugness, you’re doing more than just keeping it real with your circle. You’re laying down tracks for a kinder, more connected world. 

How awesome is that?

This past week slapped me with a reality check, making me face the times I’ve felt a cut above the rest. It happens. And thankfully, less and less often. 

But now, I’m passing the mic to you so you can reflect on those moments when you’ve been caught up in that superiority mirage.

If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll find yourself diving headfirst into the beautifully messy human experience. You’ll listen like the world depends on it, share your story with all its scars and stardust, and watch the magic unfold in your relationships and your inner world.

Oh, and one more thing. 

It’s about grit, humility, and a heart full of love. Never about dimming your light. It’s making sure your light helps illuminate the path for everyone else too.

In the dance between sunshowers and sunshine that is April, are you keeping your feet firmly planted even as your spirit soars? Are you accepting and living in the mud and the stars, the human and the divine, and in the beautiful mess of your daily life? 

If the journey has gotten murky, or you catch yourself floating a bit too far from the ground, that’s where I step in with a flashlight and a multidimensional map. 

If you’re looking for a steady companion to steer through the highs and lows, to keep you tethered while letting your spirit free, my 12 30-minute monthly transpersonal therapy calls are the beacon you’ve been searching for.

They’re a dedicated space every month to lay down the weights, sort through the clouds, and refocus your inner compass, all with someone who’s been there, in the thick of the cosmic and earthly shuffle. It’s about creating balance, fostering growth, and making sure that every step forward is taken with intention and understanding.

These Calls explore the time continuum of your inner universe as you learn how to harmonize the spiritual with the everyday. 

They’re your personal navigation system, making sure you stay connected to the earth beneath your feet, even as you reach for the stars.

If your soul is whispering (or heck, shouting) for that kind of experience, tune in. We can make every moment, revelation, and challenge in your life a stepping stone to deeper understanding and connection.

And if you’re new around here and these words spark something inside you, let’s figure out if we’re a good fit. 

The first step toward the incredible journey we could take together starts with filling out a quick application. Consider it your personal invitation to start something extraordinary. 

I’ll be right here, ready to explore all the amazing possibilities that lie ahead for you.

Love, Jonni 🌟

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