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2024 • April 4, 2024

Alright, Easter’s in the rearview, and I hope you’ve had your fill of chocolate because we’ve got bigger fish to fry – or should I say, planets to focus on? We’re in eclipse season with Mercury Retrograde hot on our heels. 

Welcome back to ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’, where I peek behind the curtain of cosmic chaos with a cup of coffee in one hand and a sense of humour in the other. 

This week, the plan is not just to survive the astrological antics but to thrive by turning celestial curveballs into your personal power plays. 

Are you trying to figure out this whirlwind of a world while trying to keep your inner compass pointing true north? Do you ever feel like the universe is sending mixed signals? 

You’re definitely not alone. 

I mean, one minute you can be on cloud nine, and the next, Mercury decides to moonwalk backwards, messing with your plans. 

I want to talk about celestial shenanigans this week. Or more precisely, Mercury Retrograde and the eclipse season. Because it’s the realms where the spiritual meets the psychological, and where the universe’s dance influences our inner world.

3 Body Problem - character saying "What?!"

First off, Mercury Retrograde. 

Before you roll your eyes because you’re bracing for technological breakdowns and communication mishaps, did you know you could flip the script and think of Mercury Retrograde as the universe nudging you to pause and reflect? 

Oh yes. 

Think of the universe as handing you a cup of your favourite tea and inviting you to sit down for a heart-to-heart with yourself. 

When was the last time you did that? Everyone is so busy that we rarely press pause, look in the rearview and side mirrors, and appreciate how far we’ve come. 

But Mercury Retrograde is your permission slip to do just that. It’s *the* time to revisit, reassess, and realign with what truly matters to you. 

👉 So, instead of dreading the miscommunications and delays, you can see them as chances to clear the air, deepen your connections, and make sure you’re really hearing and understanding the people you’re communicating with.

3 Body Problem - character saying "Whoa"

Now, onto the eclipse season. 

I think of eclipses as cosmic catalysts because that’s how they act. They’re accelerators that nudge (or shove) us toward better alignment whether we know it or not. 

If Mercury Retrograde whispers, eclipses shout. 

They’re the universe’s way of shaking things up, revealing truth, and sometimes, closing chapters to make way for new beginnings. 

Eclipses aren’t just astronomical events. But you knew that, didn’t you? 

Their power acts as invitations to grow, evolve, and participate more fully in your own life. And although the drama unfolds ‘out there’ in the universe, the real magic happens inside you – because eclipses challenge you to face up to all that you are – the magnificent and the messy. 

3 Body Problem - character saying "That's a bit much".

Now, here’s where it gets juicy. 

The interplay between Mercury Retrograde and eclipse season is like a dance choreographed to push you toward your highest potential. It may not look like that at first, because it’s often a dance of destruction and creation, of letting go and welcoming in. 

But I promise you, the universe isn’t out to get you. It’s out to guide you, always, toward becoming more authentically you.

So, the question is how can you ride these influential waves without getting swept away? 

1️⃣ First, stay grounded. Or anchored, I like to say. Anchored to the Earth. When the world outside feels chaotic, find peace in the simple things like a walk in nature, a good book, a hot bath. What are your anchors? 

2️⃣ Second, stay open. Open to change, growth, the unknown. Yes, that can be scary. Yes, you need to do it anyway. Remember, every single ending is just the beginning of something new. And that’s how life keeps flowing.

3️⃣ And finally, stay connected – to yourself, the peeps you love, and the pulse of the collective consciousness. We’re all in this dance together even though each of us seems to be moving to the rhythm of our own unique beat. 🤪 But we’re all connected by the music of the cosmos in our own way. Remember that, and have patience for the next person’s beat.

3 Body Problem - Character saying "I believe you."

Mercury retrograde and eclipse time asks us to stay curious, courageous, and compassion. To slow down, tune in, and realign with what resonates with us. 

Because, at the end of the day, the universe’s rhythms are a reflection of our own inner rhythms. And when we understand the dance out there, we learn to move more gracefully through the dance of life here, on Earth.

We’re not at the mercy of the stars. But they are influencers of our reality. They’re our dance partners, reminding us of the steps, and encouraging us to find the flow.

3-Body Problem - character saying "It's for the great good, isn't it?"

Sometimes you need a cosmic consult on the fly. Not next month. Not when the planets politely align. Like, now.

If you have a sudden plot twist in your personal epic or a flash of insight that’s too hot to handle alone, I’m here for those ‘just-in-time’ moments with single sessions. 45 minutes to tackle the immediate, 60 if you’re feeling ambitious or if the stars have really thrown you for a loop.

This is your express lane to clarity. It’s like having a cosmic hotline, minus the cheesy hold music.

If your spirit’s giving you the nudge, it’s time to listen. Make those stellar moments count.

And at the end of the day, remember that we’re all made of stardust. And stardust knows how to shine, especially in the dark.

Jonni 🌟

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