Ever thought of interviewing Spring? Yeah, I did that. 🎤

2024 • March 21, 2024

March is rolling out the red carpet, and spring is sneaking in, giving us that nudge-nudge, wink-wink. 

Over here on the West Coast, we’ve been riding a wave of downright delightful weather but I suspect the universe is holding up a giant “Pause” sign, to tempt us to take a deep breath and bask in the glow of what’s just around the corner.

Welcome back to ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’ – your go-to spot where we, as the heartbeat of the collective vibe, are gearing up to fill the air with our collective spirit to make this season echo with the best of what we’ve got.

I woke up the other day and felt like I’d been having a conversation with Spring in my dreams. As though Spring was an entity. (Pronoun unknown)

So I reached for my laptop and started typing it out as though it were an interview. Here’s how that went:

Q: Spring, darling, you’re all about fresh starts. But what’s your secret sauce for renewal and rejuvenation?

A: Oh, sweet human, it’s simple. I thrive on the rhythm of the universe, the cycle of life and death, and the endless dance of destruction and creation. My secret is welcoming and embracing change like you’re hugging a long-lost friend. And it’s not just the flowers and trees that need to shed the old to bloom new again, you do too. You need to cleanse your inner garden, love. Weed out those restrictive and judgmental beliefs and plant seeds of positive intentions and plans.

Q: And what about growth, Spring? How do you make sure everything under your watch blossoms so beautifully?

A: Well, my dear, growth is about more than just pushing upwards. Growth is an inward journey as well. It’s about finding your sunlight while rooting deeply into your own soil. You must know your essence, your purpose. Then nurture it with experiences, both stormy and sunny, because, there is no filter that can mimic the beauty of a soul truly in bloom.

Q: That’s beautiful. And speaking of connections, Spring, how do you keep in sync with the universe’s vibes?

A: Ahhh, connection is all about listening, sweet one. Listening to the whispers in the wind, the chattering of the budding leaves, and the silent strength of the blooming flowers. Everything in the universe is in conversation if you just tune in. Your heart and soul are all part of this cosmic symphony, so, conduct your energy to harmonize with the world around you.

Q: I understand, yet, with all the chaos in the world, how can we find our personal spring, our personal renewal?

A: In the midst of chaos there is always opportunity. It’s a chance to start new and redefine your essence. Your personal spring emerges when you decide to break through the soil of your fears, reaching toward the light of your highest version of self. Remember, every moment is a chance to blossom. And sometimes, it’s okay to be a late bloomer. The universe doesn’t rush, and neither should you.

Q: Yes, I must remember that. Spring, if you were to share a secret with me, with us, one that most humans often overlook, what would it be?

A: Ah, my curious friend, here’s a secret that dances in the wind but is seldom grasped: Time is not just a linear path you walk, but a dimension you inhabit, much like the air you breathe. Every moment, past, present, and future, coexists in the garden of the universe. When you inhale the scent of the first bloom, you’re not just smelling a flower, you’re breathing in the essence of all springs that have ever been and all that will be. The secret, dear one, is that by deeply connecting with the present, you touch the eternity of time. You see, renewal is not about moving from point A to point B. It’s about expanding your soul to embrace all that is, was, and will be. In doing so, you become a conduit for the timeless energy of the universe, capable of flowering in ways beyond imagination.

Q: That’s profound, Spring. But how can we, as mere mortals, begin to live in such a timeless way?

A: Start by seeing yourself as more than a being journeying through time. See and know yourself as the gardener of your own eternal spring. Cultivate presence, for in presence, you align with the universe’s timeless nature. When you listen to a bird sing, know that its melody is a note in the symphony of the eternal now. Practice this awareness, and gradually, you’ll find that your inner seasons align with a rhythm beyond time, where every moment is ripe with the potential for growth, renewal, and deep, transcendent connection.

Q: While I let that sink in, do you have any last words of wisdom for us, Spring?

A: Yes. You’re not meant to bloom year-round, and that’s the design. There’s beauty in rest, in preparation, and in the quiet before the renewal. So, be gentle with yourself as you organize and move through your own spring. And never forget, the magic lies in blending the spiritual with the psychological, the universal with the personal. You, my dear, are a unique expression of the universe. Flourish in your own time and in your own way.

(Exhale) I think that was the gist of it. I’ll read it over and edit it if need be. 

So, to sum up, this is the ’time’ to shed our old leaves, root deeper into our true selves, and blossom in ways we never thought possible. We’re all the pulse of our collective consciousness, and I, for one, want to make it a vibrant one.

Poor Things - Vibrancy


Between flying home and settling back into routines, I definitely found a few interesting things this week:

  • Everyone’s chatting up a storm about Ayo Edebiri’s latest leap into time travel territory. Outside her gig as Chef Sydney Adamu in “The Bear”, she’s starring in a new movie, “Omni Loop,” which is making waves and snagging glowing reviews left and right. With Mary Louise-Parker rocking the role of a physicist and Edebiri as a sharp-witted quantum physics student, this time-loop thriller has got heads turning, sparking all kinds of buzz.
  • Curious about how time travel could shake up our world? Imagine if zipping back and forth through time was on the table. It could totally scramble the way we get the timeline. Stephen Hawking tossed around this idea called the “chronology protection hypothesis,” which is basically the universe’s way of saying, “Let’s not let things get too wild with time travel.” Seems like there might be some cosmic rules in play to keep our timeline from turning into a total pretzel.
  • Here’s a podcast I found that you can dive into “The Great Debate: Is Time Travel Really Possible?” Space and physics buffs locked horns on this timeless conundrum and they didn’t hold back. There’s definitely a clash of ideas that’ll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about hopping through the timeline.
  • And lastly, here’s a thought-provoking study from Osaka University, where researchers are flipping the script on sustainability by consulting “imaginary future generations.” In workshops focused on the eco-friendly yet energy-hungry technology of hydrothermally produced porous glass, participants projected themselves into 2040, reimagining its potential in a renewable energy-powered world. This eye-opening approach not only challenges our current views on sustainability but also underscores the importance of long-term thinking in technology’s role in environmental stewardship. It’s a must-read for anyone passionate about paving the way for a greener future.

Till next week, keep riding the Spring wave of fresh starts and new beginnings. Stay sparky.

P.S. Teetering on the edge of now and next, there’s a secret passage waiting for you – and I’m crafting the program to walk you through it. “Tomorrow’s Blueprint” promises an expedition into your soul’s uncharted futures. (Yes, futures!) The portal opens soon to bridge the gap between today’s dreams and tomorrow’s reality. It’s a unique experience blending spiritual depth with actionable steps toward your brightest future. 

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