The Astrological Weather of Spring 2024 🌦️

2024 • March 14, 2024

March is zipping by, and spring is on the verge of peeping through. Can you sense the shift? My winter was a whirlwind tour from New Zealand to Kauai, then Oahu, before touching down on the Sunshine Coast just yesterday. Time, for me, has stretched and squished like an accordion – long and languid one moment, brisk and brusque the next.

Welcome back to ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’ – where we’re zeroing in on spring’s awakening and gearing up is the name of the game.

Spring’s gently rapping at our door, and with it, comes the promise of renewal and transformation. 

In tune with the season’s vibrant shift, I’ve strapped on my astro-boots for an in-depth session with the phenomenal karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft (for a celestial treat, visit her at Our conversations are a magical blend of astrology and psycho-spirituality as we peer into the cosmic currents that will illuminate our path in the days to come.

This is where the mystical meets the mental, where cosmic forces dance with our deepest desires, shaping our thoughts, emotions, and life choices. I believe that knowledge, in this realm, isn’t just power. This knowledge is a beacon. So, Marielle and I did our best to unravel the celestial mysteries, aligning the stars with the soul’s whisperings so we can all navigate through this season with grace, awareness, and maybe a flicker of newfound purpose. 

Kate McKinnon screaming at Oscars.

Jonni Gray: Marielle, the upcoming season seems jam-packed with celestial movements. Could you share what’s on the horizon?

Marielle Croft: Absolutely, Jonni. What a full season waiting for us ahead! Not only are we arriving at the Spring Equinox, but we also enter the Eclipse season, not to mention the much-talked-about conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, and, of course, Mercury and Pluto beginning their retrograde cycles.

Jonni Gray: The Spring Equinox is always a pivotal moment. Can you get a bit deeper into its significance?

Marielle Croft: Let’s begin with the star of the show, the great opening of the season, we named the Spring Equinox. That’s when the Sun leaves Pisces to go into Aries and, this year, it’ll be on Tuesday, March 19th, 2024, at 8:08 pm, PDT. The last degree of Pisces is notably mystical, marking the end of the zodiac journey, rich with human experience. But the wheel keeps turning, and as the Sun enters Aries, we’re invited to explore new beginnings with that our acquired wisdom.

Jonni Gray: The imagery of cycles and spirals you use is fascinating and familiar in my work. How does this transition impact our consciousness?

Marielle Croft: We evolve in a spiral. Every day, every cycle brings something new within the familiar frames. The Sun’s arrival in Aries, charged with the previous cycle’s dreams and wisdom, presents us with evolutionary opportunities. It’s a time of reflection and ceremony, embracing the growth and wisdom we’ve achieved since the last Spring Equinox.

Jonni Gray: And what about the eclipses you mentioned? They so often always seem to bring a sense of drama and intensity.

Marielle Croft: Indeed, Jonni. On March 25th, we have a Full Moon in Libra with a penumbral eclipse, setting the stage for reflection on our personal and collective relationships. This is followed by a powerful New Moon with a TOTAL eclipse of the Sun on April 8th, highlighting the need for deep healing, especially with Chiron’s influence at the eclipse point, suggesting a time for spiritual awakenings and recognizing our cosmic essence. The energies of these eclipses invite us into a process of personal and collective transformation, aiming to heal our deepest wounds, particularly the ones related to our separation from Love. By the way, Jonni, a total eclipse of the Sun is a rare thing. The previous one was on March 7th, 1970, and the next one won’t occur until May 3rd, 2106.

Jonni Gray: Speaking of spiritual awakenings, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction sounds like it could shake things up. What should we expect?

Marielle Croft: On April 20th, 2024, this conjunction in Taurus might trigger radical changes, especially regarding nature, climate, and survival means. Jupiter amplifies, while Uranus awakens. It’s a period when the collective might push for significant shifts, potentially leading to innovative solutions or revolutionary changes. This conjunction could signify a momentous shift towards radical changes in how we interact with our environment and each other, reflecting a collective cry for survival and a healthier planet.

Jonni Gray: Retrogrades often get a bad reputation. How do you believe we could approach Mercury and Pluto’s retrograde periods this season?

Marielle Croft: Retrogrades invite us to slow down and reflect. Mercury goes retrograde from April 2nd to 24th between Aries’ 16-27 degrees. It’s a time when communication, education, and contracts require extra clarity and attention. Avoid impulsiveness in decision-making and commitments, allowing deeper reflection to guide your steps.

And then we have Pluto starting its retrograde from May 3rd to October 11, 2024. Pluto’s journey from Aquarius back into Capricorn for the 5th time in recent years emphasizes transformation and change, breaking down what no longer serves and initiating the birth of a new societal structure. This phase invites us to envision and create a better society, one that’s collaborative and responsible, cherishing the welfare of our communities and the planet with love.

Jonni Gray: Marielle, this conversation has been illuminating. As we step into Spring 2024, any final thoughts?

Marielle Croft: This season is a reminder of the continuous cycle of death and rebirth, of ending and beginning anew. It’s an invitation to embrace change, to heal, and to grow. And especially to stay open to the lessons and opportunities these cosmic events bring. The astrological weather of Spring 2024 invites us to a journey of profound personal and collective transformation, encouraging us to align with our deepest truths and to move forward with renewed purpose and hope.

Jonni Gray: Thank you, Marielle, for this deeper look into the astrological climate of the upcoming season. It’s clear that Spring 2024 is shaping up to be a period of profound change and growth. As always, our goal is to navigate these shifts with awareness, openness, and hopefully a sense of adventure. Here’s to a season of transformation, both personally and collectively. 

Marielle Croft: Indeed, Jonni. Wishing you all happy and creative journeys. Looking forward to our next meeting at the Summer Solstice.


Lounging on the shores of Aloha (while I wrote this section), I stumbled upon two captivating treasures that perfectly mirror the timeless dance between yesterday’s dreams and tomorrow’s realities.

Time is a curious storyteller, always saving the twist for the future we thought we had figured out. Just when we think we’ve read the final chapter, it turns out we’ve merely turned another intriguing page in an endless book. 

So, as you get ready for the surprises of Spring 2024, remember that the future is not just something you enter, but something you create. 

And you can craft it with wisdom, shaping tomorrow with the best of today’s dreams.

I’ll share more with you next Thursday.

Jonni 🌟

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