Why have I been obsessed with the past all these years? 🤔

2024 • February 29, 2024

Since I last wrote to you, I’ve swapped the breathtaking landscape of New Zealand for the lush, tropical kisses of Kauai. It’s less about the open road and more about finding stillness and taking a moment to catch my breath. 

And as it’s Leap Day, it feels like we’ve been gifted a little slice of extra time, doesn’t it? But of course that’s just a playful trick of the calendar. 

Welcome back to ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’ – where the past and the future go beyond counting days.

If you’d told me 30+ years ago that my career path would take me from the mists of introspection to the sunlit paths of forward-thinking, I would have chuckled, sipped my Americano, and asked, “How?” Yet, here we are, decades into a voyage that has been as much about unearthing the secrets of the past as it has been about charting courses for the future.

My career and my passion have been to dig as deep as possible into the past. Not just skimming the surface, but really getting into the layers, the textures, and the nuances that make us who we are. 

It’s been about understanding that every laugh line, every raised brow, and every hesitant step forward has a story that’s waiting to be remembered and known. And the stories I’ve had the privilege to hear, help interpret, and give further understanding to, have rippled out in directions way beyond three dimensions.

So why have I been obsessed with the past all these years? 

It’s simple, really. 

The past is our foundation, our bedrock. It’s the sum of all our triumphs, our missteps, our leaps of faith, and our moments of doubt. 

So by understanding it, we personally and collectively gain the insights we need to build a more intentional, more fulfilling future. 

I think of it as gathering the ingredients for a recipe where each memory and lesson from the past is a spice that can add flavour to the life you’re cooking up.

And the journeys through time I conduct with those I’ve worked with, have shown me the incredible power of intentional living. 

I mean, it’s one thing to move through life, day by day, letting the currents of circumstance dictate your direction. 

It’s quite another thing entirely to move through those waters with purpose, an understanding of where you’ve been and why, and a vision of where you want to go.

That’s why in the 30+ years I’ve seen firsthand how the chains of the past can weigh you down, AND I’ve seen how understanding those chains can free you. It’s like being in a dark room filled with furniture. Without light, you stumble, you fall, you curse the obstacles. 

But when you light up the room, you understand the layout, and suddenly you can move through it with grace.

And that’s what I want for you. 

To move through life with grace, intention, and a deep understanding of the past that empowers your future. 

It’s not about rewriting history. It’s more about learning its rhythms so you can compose the song YOU want to sing.

As I sit here, in the vibrant energy of Kauai on an extended holiday, I’m reminded of the beauty of growth and change. The landscapes around me are ever-evolving yet they’re also deeply rooted. They mirror our journeys through life and through time. 

We grow, we evolve, but at our core, we remain true to the essence of who we are, shaped by our past and shaping our future.

So I’m going to continue to explore the depths of my history, your history, our history, not to dwell there, but to use those insights as a launchpad for new aspirations. 

When we know the experiences of the past, we can craft a future that’s not only intentional, but vibrates with the possibility of what can be.

I’ll tell you more about the stellar program, ‘Tomorrow’s Blueprint’, in 2 weeks.


While I’ve been gallivanting through New Zealand and soaking up the sun in Kauai, I’ve unearthed a few treasures that are bound to get those neurons firing.

  • First on the list, a team of scientific wizards have concocted something straight out of a sci-fi novel. They’ve developed innovative fluorescent dyes that change colour to visualize the goings-on in different biological environments using a single dye. Imagine dyes playing hide and seek, “switching on” and “off” based on their playground within cellular structures, allowing us to spy on cellular processes in real-time with eye-popping contrast. They call this ‘time travel’ within cells. This breakthrough is setting the stage for advancements in bio-sensing, and understanding the hustle and bustle of cellular dynamics. 
  • And for our second act, is time travel really possible, or are we all just stuck in an endless loop of now? Well, it turns out we’re all aboard the time travel train, zooming into the future at the breathtaking speed of one second per second. Yes, you heard that right. We’re all time travellers here, making pit stops at every moment along the way. 

That’s it for this edition of ‘The Time Traveller’s Life,’ but remember, I’ll be making the next stop in your inbox on March 14th – which, by any time traveller’s clock, feels just a heartbeat away.

Until our paths cross again in the curiosity of time, 

Jonni ⭐️

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