Just like memories of the future 🌟

2024 • February 14, 2024

Two weeks into February and I’m reaching out from the soul of New Zealand’s majestic landscapes, where I’ve been road-tripping since February 2nd. With its breathtaking views and 40 million sheep, this land has been a canvas for so many past life feelings for me. (Isn’t that why we usually travel?)

Every day I feel sandwiched between the past and the imminent future, so in the evenings I’ve been nurturing a future life program to share with you soon. It’s a testament to the idea that while we live through the present, we’re simultaneously in our past and future selves.

Welcome back to ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’ – where we explore the depth of our existence, from our yesterdays to our tomorrows all while anchored in the now. 

On Tuesday I found myself in what felt like a time machine, right in the middle of the Classic Motorcycle Mecca in Invercargill, New Zealand. I was standing there, surrounded by the coolest engines from a bygone era, and my hand landed on a particular sidecar of a motorcycle straight out of the early 1900s. 

Vintage sidecar

The moment my skin brushed against the cool metal, a shiver raced through me. It wasn’t the chill of the metal. 

It was the shiver of speed, movement, and a life I once lived. 

I’m familiar with that feeling so I closed my eyes for a few moments, and there it was – a snapshot and feeling so intense, I was there, racing through time itself.

When I opened my eyes, I caught the copies of posters from those eras framed on the walls behind the bike displays. And bam another tingly wave washed over me. 

Vintage poster

Memories like these are wild, aren’t they? They come at you in flashes, less like a movie reel and more like a Polaroid paired with an emotion so strong it’s almost tangible.

Just like memories of the future.

Have you ever felt like you’ve lived a moment in the future before it even happened? You know, like a déjà vu? 

But a déjà vu happens so suddenly and with very little advance notice. Suddenly, it’s just there.

Imagine if you could stretch that moment, space out the ‘time’ between seeing and feeling the memory, and then actually live it. 

That’s the essence of what I’ve been diving into while I’ve been road-tripping. I’ve been cooking up something very special during my serene evenings, and it’s shaping up to be very special. 

It’s a brand new program I’m calling ‘Tomorrow’s Blueprint’ – 2 words carefully chosen to represent your imminent future and the design that’s already begun. 

So, it’s all about crafting your intentional future, both from those fleeting glimpses and senses of what’s to come and also from shaping them based on what you yearn to hold onto or let go of.

I realize that for decades I’ve been laser-focused on ensuring you don’t just let your past slip through your fingers like grains of sand but grasp the memories firmly, to remember and use them right here in the present. 

And now? 

Right now, I’m turning my gaze to the future to make sure not a single dream or vision slips away either.

‘Tomorrow’s Blueprint’ is about seizing those moments, those flashes of the future, and designing a life that resonates with every fibre of your being. It’s about not just moving through time but shaping it, moulding it into a path that you’ve chosen intentionally.

I’ll tell you much more about it very soon because as we inch forward this spring and beyond, I want to guide you to ensure that your future doesn’t just whisper to you from the shadows, but glows like a beacon. 

I want to make sure no part of your past, present, or future is left unexplored or unclaimed.

Stay tuned. I’ll write again on Leap Day.

Catch you on the flip side,



While I’ve been mostly offline immersing myself in the landscapes and whispers of the past here in New Zealand, I did stumble upon a couple of gems that I think will ignite your curiosity and get those juices flowing.

First off, I found an article that outlines ‘8 Signs You’ve Lived a Past Life.’ Sure, some signs might seem familiar, but spend a few moments with each one reflecting and feeling what stirs you. You might be surprised by what resonates.

And for a dash of entertainment, I’ve got a treat for all you cinephiles out there. A curated list of ’17 Time Travel Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen.’ I admit, there were four on that list that were new even to me! It’s a perfect mix for a movie marathon to stretch your imagination across the dimensions of time.

So, that’s a wrap for this edition. ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’ will circle back to your inbox on February 29th – a date that only comes around once in a blue moon, thanks to this being a leap year. 

Until then, keep that curiosity compass of yours spinning.

The future is waiting to be discovered through your relentless curiosity and pursuit.

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