Your future just dropped a text. Curious?🕵️‍♀️

2024 • January 25, 2024

Does it feel to you that January has luxuriously stretched itself out like a cat basking in the sun, taking its sweet time to saunter into February? I’ll admit I’ve been losing track of the days. It’s like the universe hit the slow-motion button, making every day feel like a never-ending Monday. (And did you notice we have 5 Mondays this month? Yup. One more to go.)

So, this week, I thought we’d shake off January’s gentle lull and fast forward our minds a bit. Wanna speed up from January’s leisurely crawl to a delightful sprint into the possibilities of what lies ahead? Me too.

In a world spinning faster than a shooting star, I frequently hear from many of you, eager to peek into the future. 

But it’s not out of fear for what’s to come. It’s more about seeing where ‘this specific path’ might lead if you continue down it. Usually, it’s because you’ve made changes and are curious about their long-term impact. So, essentially, you’re not seeking a crystal ball to predict your future. You’re exploring the power you possess to shape it through your current actions.

An important distinction.

Our conversations would usually revolve around the power of focus and consistency, and accessing your authentic energy in crafting your future. I would probably discuss factors beyond your control and emphasize that these aren’t disruptions but integral to your soul’s larger journey and desires. And I would definitely remind you that it’s about accepting the journey of life itself, not just getting fixated on the destination or the outcome.

Over the years I’ve found that this dialogue helps manage your expectations before we ever get down to work. It clears the path for us so we can get into your future unobstructed by misunderstandings.

I’m talking about Future Life Progression here, although I haven’t spelled it out yet. And in our rapidly evolving world, I believe Future Life Progression matters now more than ever because it offers so much more than just foresight. It gives you deep INsight.

Of all the tools in my transpersonal psychotherapy toolbox, Future Life Progression is one of the most exquisite ones I have for self-discovery. It’s also the best way I know to align your choices with your innermost self. 

Because peeking into your future is like swiping right on clarity and having it match with your present. 

Suddenly, you’re not just choosing. You’re curating life choices that fit your core like it was tailored for you perfectly.

The bottom line is when you engage in Future Life Progression, you’re not just playing the game, you’re setting the rules of your future. It’s intentional, purposeful, strategic, and empowering.


When you turn a new page each year you probably reflect on the past and future. But it’s really spring when your connection with what lies ahead really intensifies. That’s because spring’s arrival ignites an internal and external pulse that stirs up healing and growth in plants, animals, and humans alike.

I know it’s only January, but I’m already looking forward to early spring when I plan to introduce something very special to support you and your future aspirations. More details will come as we get closer, but for now, I’ll leave you with some questions to stir your curiosity:

  • What part of your future are you most curious about?
  • If you glimpsed into your tomorrow, what do you think you would discover about yourself?
  • When you look at your daily choices, are they the stepping stones to the future you’re dreaming up?
  • When you daydream about your future, which passions and values light up the marquee?
  • Imagine getting insider tips from your future self. What bold moves or exciting new paths are they nudging you towards?
  • If you could fast-forward to a chapter in your future, which chapter are you most eager to read?
  • Think about the dreams you tuck away at night. Which of these do you see becoming the headline act in your future story?

I’ll tell you this: the future is not a destination. And it’s not an outcome. The future is absolutely a journey. And it’s also a guide and a teacher.

You’re not just a passive observer of time. You’re actually its architect. And Future Life Progression is your blueprint, a detailed plan that outlines the design, dimensions, and construction of your life. It’ll give you the feeling, the nuances, and the information necessary to create your future. 

But until then, may your journey through time be as enlightening as it is inspiring.

With cosmic care and a sprinkle of stardust,

Jonni 🌟


Since I’m hitting the 6-week slow button, I might not be diving into the depths of the web for the latest cosmic tidbits as much. But for now, I stumbled upon a little gem for you: a physics professor, who’s not just a whiz in the lab but also a seasoned author of 18 popular science books, has handpicked his top 10 multiverse movies. Now, that’s a list worth checking out, right?

Stay curious,

Jonni ⭐️

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