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2024 • January 11, 2024

Here we are, just 11 days into the New Year, and the universe already seems to be throwing a party. And it’s not just any party, it’s a fabulous New Moon coinciding with my 64th birthday. It’s all an invitation for new beginnings, fresh intentions, and maybe a bit of birthday pie

Welcome back to ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’ – your weekly guide for aligning with the universe’s ever-dynamic dance. This week, we’re waltzing into a realm of possibilities. Ready to set intentions under the New Moon and sprinkle a little stardust on your dreams?

With a dash of birthday magic and the New Moon’s renewing energy, we can make 2024 a year of personal breakthroughs and starlit adventures.

Jonni Gray as a child.

Yes, that’s me. With a natural moon-pie face.

This is not just any old newsletter day. It’s actually my 64th birthday! 🎂 And no, I’m not asking you to send gifts (though I won’t say no to a virtual slice of pie 🥧).

So, today, as I add another candle to my life’s cake (and I’ve made sure the smoke alarms are taking the day off, just in case 😉), I’m feeling a bit reflective… and, okay, maybe a smidge sassy. 🕶️

First off, let’s talk about age. Sixty-four. That’s like, what, 23,376 days on this wild, wonderful planet? They say age is just a number, but it’s also an excuse to share hard-earned wisdom without anyone daring to interrupt. 😏

Now, on birthdays, people often wish for things like world peace or a new car. But for me, I know that we what truly crave is growth, understanding, and maybe figuring out how to stop our phone from autocorrecting “love” to “loaf.” (What’s up with that?)

And in between blowing out candles and munching on cake/pie, there’s this little thing called life happening. It’s full of twists, turns, and the occasional cosmic joke (like finding out your spirit animal is probably a sloth on the day you decide to start a fitness regime).

So I want to ask you, as a gift to me, in this dance of planets and solar cycles, amidst the ebb and flow of life’s craziness, what are your desires? Not your “polite dinner conversation” desires. I’m talking about those “3 AM staring at the ceiling” kind of desires. The ones that make your soul whisper, “Hey, remember me?”

Today, on my 64th, I’m inviting you to join me in a bit of introspection. What’s that one thing you’ve been telling yourself you’ll do “someday”? Write that book? Learn to salsa? Finally get a grip on Instagram Reels without feeling like a time traveller from the 90s?

Then let’s make a pact. No more somedays. Let’s turn those dreams into plans, those plans into actions, and those actions into “Wow, I can’t believe I just did that!” moments.

As I blow out my candles (and possibly give the illusion of a mystical fog machine), my wish for you is this: May you find the courage to chase what truly sets your soul on fire. 🚀

But let’s unpack that a bit.

Funny GIF

Finding courage isn’t about being fearless. It’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It’s about waking up and saying, ‘Today, I choose to step closer to my dreams, even if it’s just one tiny, yet brave, step.’

And what about ‘what truly sets your soul on fire’? 

That’s not just about hobbies or pastimes. It’s about finding that thing that makes you lose track of time, that pulls a smile out of you even on a dreary Monday, that thing that feels less like work and more like pure passion.

Just for a moment, can you imagine you’re doing that thing? Maybe it’s creating something that speaks from your soul. Maybe it’s helping others find their path. Or maybe it’s finally starting that business you’ve dreamt of since forever. 

Feel that energy? That’s what I want for you. That’s what I’m talking about when I say ‘sets your soul on fire.’

And when you pursue what ignites your passion, you’re not just enriching your life. You’re also offering the world your unique gifts. That’s a win-win, right?

So, as I celebrate another year of life’s incredible journey, my wish for you is not just to dream, but to act. Start small if you must, but start. Because the biggest journeys often begin with the smallest steps.

And hey, if you’re wondering where to begin or need a guiding hand, you know I’m always here. Getting into the soul-based conversations and maybe even your past lives isn’t just an intriguing journey. It’s a powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation. It’s about unearthing your hidden strengths, understanding your persistent challenges, and finally unlocking a deeper sense of purpose in your present life.

Then together, we can use these insights to chart a course for your future success. 

I think of it as connecting the dots between who you were, who you are, and who you have the potential to become. Harnessing the wisdom of your past to ignite your present and illuminate your path forward.

I would love nothing more than to help you make that happen. If you’ve got what it takes to turn those flames of curiosity and self-exploration into a blazing inferno of success and fulfillment, let’s light it up and reveal the vibrancy of your life’s journey, stitch by stunning stitch.

Here’s to laughter, learning, and not taking ourselves too seriously, but serious enough. After all, life’s too short to eat bad pie.

Stay stellar,


P.S. Tips on how to train my coffee to start whispering sweet affirmations about eternal youth are welcome. ☕️


This week, I’ve been on a wild ride through the cosmic corridors of the internet, hunting down some stellar content that’s absolutely worth your precious time. 

First up, I stumbled across an out-of-this-world article in Astronomy magazine. It’s all about how a Nobel Prize winner’s genius shaped the movie “Interstellar,” turning it into one of the most mind-bendingly accurate sci-fi films to grace our screens. It’s a must-read for any space enthusiast. Check out the article here. And hey, if “Interstellar” hasn’t dazzled your eyes yet, you can catch it on Paramount+. It’s a journey worth taking.

Switching gears to something a bit more down-to-earth, but equally intriguing, I came across the tale of United Airlines’ “Time Travel” flight. Spoiler alert: things didn’t go quite as planned! It’s a cool story that reminds us that sometimes, even the best-laid plans can take an unexpected turn in the timeline.

And for those of you who love to watch and listen, you can dive into this TEDXYouth talk by the brilliant 16-year-old Lizi Tetrashvili. In less than 5 minutes, she tackles the vast possibilities of time travel through its impact on history, personal growth, and our future. Lizi gets into the ethical dilemmas, scientific wonders, and transformative power of hopping through time. It’s a bite-sized yet thought-provoking watch.

So, there you have it – a little something for everyone in this week’s cosmic pickings. Remember, whether you’re journeying through black holes or just navigating the twists and turns of life, you’re the master of your own time machine. Keep exploring, stay curious, and until next time, keep syncing with the rhythm of the universe.

Think of your life as an epic art project, the kind that would make Michelangelo do a double-take. You’re the artist-in-chief, with every moment of your past, present, and future adding a dab of paint to this stunning canvas.

Now, think of you and me as this dynamic duo of art detectives digging into the layers of your life’s masterpiece, peeling back each layer like we’re on some sort of cosmic “Antiques Roadshow.” It’s a blend of Sherlock Holmes meets Picasso, where we mix wisdom with feeling to make those life experiences pop off the canvas.

This isn’t your average therapy. It’s a journey of discovery and ultimately, self-empowerment. If you’re game to create a future that sings in tune with your deepest, truest self, then roll up your sleeves and show the world the masterpiece that is your life. If you’re ready to make some art history, click this link to get started.

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