Gearing up to ride the 2024 energetic wave with real-world savvy 🚀

2024 • January 4, 2024

Just four days into the New Year, and already the air’s crackling with promise. While the world buzzes about ‘getting back to normal,’ we know better, don’t we? 2024 isn’t about replaying old tunes. It’s about crafting a fresh, harmonious melody with the universe’s grand rhythms.

Welcome back to ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’ – your weekly compass for syncing with energetic vibes while keeping your feet firmly planted in reality. Want to make 2024 a year of enlightened, savvy adventuring? 

Jonni Gray in a plane

This week, I’m reaching out because I sense you’re revved up to harmonize your life with the universe’s grand rhythms in 2024. Surprises are great for parties but not so much for navigating your life. If you’re keen to know what’s on the horizon and how to skillfully surf those cosmic waves, read on.

As you bask in the first fabulous week of the new year, it’s prime time to ground those lofty changes and events within the universe’s broader canvas. Today, I’m decoding how real-world shifts and the cadence of the seasons can add significant nuance to your everyday adventures.

First up, the seasons. I think of each season as a DJ, remixing your life’s soundtrack. 

  • Spring drops fresh beats, setting the stage for new beginnings. It’s the universe cranking up the tempo, nudging you to plant seeds for future blooms.
  • Then comes summer, blasting sunny anthems that beg you to stretch your comfort zone and bask in new experiences. It’s all about elevating the volume and soaking in the vibrance.
  • Autumn rolls in with its introspective melodies, urging you to reflect and savour the wisdom of the passing year.
  • And as winter whispers in, its tranquil tunes invite you to cozy up and recharge, preparing you for the next spin around the sun.

When you align with the seasonal harmonies they can guide your decisions and actions and your extraordinary journey through the year.

Moving on to the celestial headliners: the sun, the moon, and the tapestry of the skies. 2024 packs a punch with some major celestial events. While I’ll leave the intricate astrological analysis to the experts (shoutout to, there are a few highlights you should definitely circle on your calendar.

From March to April, watch for a surge of bold, passionate energy. It’s a phase that might just ignite your desire to take leaps of faith, especially in love and finance.

Mark April 8th for the Total Solar Eclipse – a green light for transformative new beginnings. It’s an opportunity to dance with the universe, stepping into new chapters with gusto.

Come May, the universe cues up a rhythm of growth rooted in patience and practicality. It’ll be a time to welcome slow and steady progress, aligning with the natural flow of expansion.

This year’s also buzzing with technological marvels, crucial global dialogues, and game-changing innovations. You’re not just a bystander in there evolving stories, either. You’re right in the mix. 

And how you adapt and grow with these tangible shifts is a testament to your resilience and your knack for thriving amidst change.

Take a moment throughout the year to contemplate how your personal plot lines weave into the world’s larger stories. These intersections are power points, charging your decisions with deeper meaning and purpose.

Remember, you’re an essential part of the global community. Your actions, whether grand or subtle, contribute to the collective narrative. Make each choice a deliberate stroke in our shared human masterpiece.

👉 What if this year you transformed your dreams into concrete action plans? The energy supports it. Imagine bridging the gap between your aspiration and your tangible achievement. What would be your first step in making 2024’s dreams a reality? Scribble it down. Make it real.

Then strike a balance that resonates with you, aligning with Earth’s rhythms, tuning into cosmic events, and adapting to global shifts. Your approach makes all the difference.

My 2024 mantra is ‘realistic optimism’ because I know the universe is the dynamic stage we all live on every day. And I’m here with you, blending the mystical with the practical, exploring how the universe’s big picture fits into our daily lives.

So, until our next real-world catch-up, keep your feet  on the ground but let your gaze wander to the skies now and then.

Here’s to a year of grounded drams and starlit ambitions,

Jonni ⭐️


This week, I went on a delicious journey through the pages of history because I got my hands on B. Dylan Hollis’s ‘Baking Yesteryear‘ that’s like a decade-by-decade time machine for your taste buds. Then, I tumbled down the rabbit hole with the 1954 gem ‘The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book‘, a collection of French recipes, a snapshot of life in Paris, sprinkled with anecdotes and encounters with Toklas’s famous friends. It was as rich and satisfying as a well-made boeuf bourguignon. And beside my bed was 1932’s Florence White’s ‘Good Things in England‘ to give me a cozy, nostalgic past-life hug. It flavoured my dreams with a taste of the past.

  • But here’s the crown jewel of my discoveries this week: Daydreaming! In case you didn’t know, it turns out that daydreaming is your brain’s undercover superhero move. Yup, it’s called self-projection, and it’s like having a mental playground. When you let your thoughts dance across time and space, you’re flexing your cognitive muscles in ways that spark creativity. By practicing imaginary scenarios for future things or replaying your golden memories, you’re actually mood-lifting and idea-generating. So, the next time someone catches you staring into space, just say you’re tuning into your brain’s superpower. Read this to feel proud to be a daydreamer!

So, stay dreamy and stay curious. The universe is vast, and so are the chances coming your way. Keep your eyes and hearts open. Catch you next week for more. Peace out.

Jonni ⭐️

Your life is a masterpiece in the making, and you’re the master artist. Every stroke, past, present, and future, contributes to this incredible canvas.

Together, you and I are like expert art restorers carefully uncovering the hidden layers of wisdom in your life’s painting. It’s a delicate process, blending insight with intuition, but we’ll bring the vibrant colours of your experiences to the forefront.

This journey is a unique blend of therapeutic discovery and personal empowerment. If you want to craft a future that’s not just fulfilling, but also deeply resonant with who you truly are, it’s time to reveal the masterpiece that is your life.

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