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2023 • December 28, 2023

Here we are, straddling the festive finish line of Christmas and eyeing the sparkling new start line of the New Year. It’s that quirky week where time seems to play tricks on us. Are you winding down, or gearing up? 

This in-between time can feel like waiting for a kettle to boil, but in this week’s edition of ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’, I’m not just lounging in leftover holiday cheer or scribbling resolutions. Oh no. 

In the last days of the year, I see 2 virtues staring every one of us down.

Let’s start with the first. I’m talking about a virtue that’s as timeless as the universe yet as challenging as quantum physics – patience. And secondly, its trusty sidekick, trust

Together, patience and trust are like the dynamic duo of personal growth, guiding every

one of us through the mysterious and often confusing maze of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

I know our world is moving faster than a shooting star and a lot of people think patience is almost an ancient relic, so hear me out. 

Just as the universe took its sweet time to evolve to the magnificent expanse you marvel at today, your personal growth journey, your life itself, demands the same gentle unfolding. 

I love the word “unfolding”. Patience isn’t just waiting. Patience is understanding that every moment of “not yet” is a step closer to a profound “ah-ha!” (Let that sink in.)

Now, let’s sprinkle trust into this cosmic soup. 

Trust is the belief that the universe has got your back, which means you need to know more than a little bit about how the universe operates. And why.

Trust is knowing that even when the planets seem misaligned, when the external evidence of your life isn’t what you think it should be, there’s actually a greater alignment at work. And there is. It’s weaving something more complex than neither you nor I could

Trust is what makes you say, “Okay, Universe, I don’t quite see what you’re doing but…,” even when it feels like it’s playing 4D chess with your life.

So, the question is,  how do you master the art of patience and trust? 

First, by understanding that your life and personal development isn’t a race. It’s more like a leisurely stroll as you take in the scenery. Sometimes you stop to admire a star, and other times you get lost in a black hole. But every step, every stop, is part of the journey.

As a transpersonal psychotherapist, I see personal growth as a cocktail of psychological insight and spiritual wisdom. It’s about blending the understanding of your psyche with the rhythms of the universe. Because when you align your personal development with cosmic timings, like the phases of the moon or the solar cycles or the planetary movements or the patterns in your past, you’re not just growing, you’re evolving in harmony with the timeless (timefull?) universe.

Now, I know the dominant emotional wave on the planet is still one of uncertainty. Just look around. And it’s during these times that patience and trust become anchors. They help you ride these waves without getting swept away by the tides of anxiety and haste.

It’s always important to remember that you’re not just in the universe, the universe is in you. That’s more than a cliche. It means that when you accept and even welcome patience and trust, you’re not just healing yourself, you’re aligning with the universe’s grandest design. (The one nobody really knows about.)

So this week, I wanted to pop into your inbox in this in-between week and ask you to look at your personal development journey through the telescope of patience and trust. Then notice how this perspective can transform your day-by-day day experience and your self-talk.

As always, I’m here to walk (and fly) with you through your own inner universe. Whether it’s through exploring past lives, venturing into future potentials, or conversations where we touch on both, remember that the real magic lies in integrating all of time into the now – in the patience and trust you bring to each moment.

Go ahead and step from 2023 to 2024 with patience and trust. And you’ll find that the universe has a way of revealing its secrets to those who are open and curious.

Until next week, stay stellar,

Jonni ⭐️


This week, I flipped through the cinematic universe, from the imaginative realms of ‘The Creator‘ (Disney) and ‘Rebel Moon‘ (Netflix)  to an assortment of Christmas movies that were anything but run-of-the-mill. And in between the feasting and fasting, my time-travel treasure hunt was a bit sparse, leading me back to the captivating ‘Past Lives‘ (Prime) – a must-watch, if you haven’t already.

But the real gem of the week? I stumbled upon a selection of books that whisk us through the corridors of time. These stories aren’t just about jumping through historical epochs or altering pivotal events. They challenge us to reconsider our perceptions of reality and the relentless march of time itself. Some are timeless classics, some are fresh discoveries, and each book in this collection is an invitation to dance along the blurred lines of past, present, and future.

And for those moments when you’re looking to step away from the viewings, I’ve also unearthed a list of the 10 most mystifying scientific questions. Ranging from the essence of human uniqueness to the enigma of consciousness, and from the cosmic composition of the Universe to the mysteries behind our dreams – these unanswered queries continue to baffle the brightest minds. See if they make sense to you.

So, that’s this week’s cosmic digest. Remember to keep your gaze starward and your curiosity at full throttle!

Stay Stellar,

Jonni ⭐️

Think of your life as the most epic saga ever told, with you as the hero at the heart of it all. Your past, present, and future are the golden threads of your own blockbuster story. And you and I are cosmic detectives, ready to sleuth out the nuggets of wisdom scattered across your timeline. We’ll stitch them into your current story, spinning your life’s compass in a direction that’s not just satisfying, but downright electrifying.

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