Are you ready for a solar rollercoaster 🌞🎢in 2024?

2023 • December 21, 2023

As we cozy up to the first official day of winter, with Christmas just around the corner, you might have noticed something missing – yep, snowflakes are still playing hard to get this year. Blame it on El Niño, that mischievous climate rhythm. But while we’re missing the snow, the sun is stirring up its own brand of magic.

This week we’re not just counting down to Christmas – we’re tuning into the enchanting dance of solar cycles.

It’s high time I talk about solar cycles with you. So today’s the day because it’s important and timely. (And you thought I was going to talk about Christmas, didn’t you?)

If you don’t already know, solar cycles are those 11-year cosmic mood swings of the Sun. Every 11 years, it goes through a makeover, changing the number of sunspots and throwing solar tantrums with flares. 

Solar Flares

This solar cycle is the rhythm the Sun dances to. And I’m telling you about this now because it’s predicted to reach its crescendo in 2024. That’s when our Sun is expected to hit its solar high notes with Solar Cycle 25, belting out cosmic energy literally like a star in its prime. And this isn’t just any ol’ cycle. It’s the Sun’s biggest performance.

Just last week, we got a taste of the cosmic drama we can expect when our sun gave us a jaw-dropping performance. It unleashed an X-class solar flare. (Solar physicists classify strong flares into three categories, with C being the weakest, M the middling group and X the most potent.) This flare was so potent it caused a deep shortwave radio blackout over the Americas. 

These solar outbursts remind us how the Sun’s activity can echo through our lives. Sure, they affect our technological systems by disrupting GPS, power grids, communications signals, and creating geomagnetic storms, but they’re also a nudge from the cosmos, reminding us of our interconnectedness with the universe’s rhythms. It’s not just a light show. It’s a dance of energy that affects us all.

As a transpersonal psychologist, I see this as a universe-sized signal, a hint that it’s time for some serious human-to-soul bridging. New dimensions of past and future selves could unfold like never before.

If you know me, you know I keep my finger on the universe’s pulse (not literally, though that would be cool), so I can tell you that these solar shenanigans are more than just science. They’re also clues about our inner universe. Think of it as the cosmos giving us cheat codes to life, and who doesn’t love a good shortcut? If we stay tuned to these cosmic cues it will help us navigate our own life with a bit more swagger.

What does this mean for you? 

Well, solar cycles can mess with more than just satellite signals. They can also stir up emotional oceans and spiritual winds. Mood swings with a universal twist. 

In the bigger picture, it’s like the universe is urging us to shake up the status quo. It’s a call for personal and collective metamorphosis. Transformation.

So, how do we prep for this solar soiree? 

It’s not complicated. Start with staying grounded and centred, and consider doing some ‘cosmic stretching’ so you can ride these solar waves with grace and understanding. 

I can tell you that every cosmic challenge is an invitation to grow, explore, and embrace the unknown – the not yet known. So, solar cycles are more than just a celestial phenomenon. They’re an opportunity to connect with the universe for a next-level transformation. And as your guide through the cosmic and the cognitive, I’m here to help you ride the waves of Solar Cycle 25 with ease and insight through two support options.

A Soulful Adventure in Self-Discovery 

My monthly transpersonal therapy calls are like having a personal cosmic GPS. Each session is a rendezvous with your inner universe. We’ll tap into the solar cycle’s vibey energy to explore, understand, and elevate your world while keeping you stable and anchored to reality. You’ll align with your most authentic self, all while the universe plays its background score. These sessions are your sanctuary for soulful exploration, a safe space where the universal energies aren’t just background noise – we make them part of the band. These calls are not just therapy or coaching. They’re an interstellar journey to the heart of you.

Time Travel Therapy

For those intrigued by the concept of time as a fluid, multidimensional experience, my time travel calls were built for you. Once (or twice) a month, we’ll venture into the realms of past life regression, future life progression, and exploration of parallel and in-between lives. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to understand how different timelines and experiences shape your current reality and how the solar cycle’s energy can be harnessed for substantial personal insights and growth.

Both options offer a full year of support, ensuring you have a steady guide through the peaks and troughs of the solar cycle. Whether you choose transpersonal therapy or time travel calls, you’ll have a dedicated space each month to align with the universe’s rhythms, understand your place in the cosmic dance, and use these insights for intense personal growth.

If you’re ready to start this exciting year-long adventure with me, simply reply to this newsletter or visit my website to sign up. Spaces for Time Travel Therapy are very limited, as I’m committed to providing personalized attention. If you’re interested, I’ll shoot you an application to get you started.

I fully intend to embrace the power of Solar Cycle 25 and discover the boundless potential within and around it. Together, we can learn to surf it with style, grace, and cosmic wisdom.

Stay stellar and relish the journey,



As the final credits rolled on Apple’s gripping ‘A Murder at the End of the World‘, I dove into the internet’s depths and surfaced with some tantalizing treasures for your curious minds.

  • First up is the story of Morris and Dorothy Rainville, Canada’s country crooners with a twist. Not just masters of melody, they were also aficionados of hypnosis and past-life regression therapy. They penned three books, weaving tales from their hypnotic travels. Dive into their mesmerizing world here.

That wraps up this week’s cosmic roundup. Keep those starry eyes wide and your curiosity dial turned to eleven!

Jonni ⭐️

Your before, now, and after, are interconnected scenes in a single, ongoing story. Together, you and I can gather up the wisdom scattered across your timeline, and weave it into your current chapter, realigning your life’s compass so that it points you toward a future that’s both fulfilling and exhilarating.

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