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Uncategorized • August 10, 2023

In the midst of summer’s sizzling heat, I can feel the energy building up for the unsung champions of existence – the marvellous middles, gracefully caught between the awe-inspiring beginnings and the grand finales.

Now – some middles have it rough – cue the mid-life crisis, the eye-roll-worthy middleman, and the dreaded middle seat on those long-haul flights. Not all middles get the applause they deserve, but take a moment to ponder the middle of the night – a time when the world hushes into mystery and reflection. It’s a magical space where thoughts and dreams intermingle, creating an atmosphere of introspection and wonder. 

Or the mouthwatering middle of a delectable sandwich, where all those scrumptious fillings throw a wild party in your taste buds creating a flavour explosion with every single, delightful bite.

And my absolute favourite – the middle of the story – the heart-pounding twists and turns that keep us glued to the pages or screen, eager to unravel the mysteries that lie ahead! It’s like being on a rollercoaster ride, the kind that leaves you breathless, exhilarated, and oh-so-thirsty for more.

But the middle magic doesn’t stop there. Let’s talk about YOU – yes, YOU – the protagonist of your own enthralling saga. 

You’re born smack-dab in the middle between past happenings and future escapades. Imagine being dropped into an exhilarating show without any spoilers or a sneak peek of the grand finale. It’s like leaping into an adventure without any backstory and with all the uncertainty of where the plot will lead. 

That’s why I think past lives and future lives are all about that middle magic. Hear me out.

When you embark on a time-travelling journey (through past life regression & future life progression), you’ll witness the whole shebang. You’ll peek into how it all started, how it shaped you, and how it may unfold if you allow life’s course to flow as it is.

It’s like starring in a blockbuster movie, where you get that “4 weeks before…” rewind moment, connecting the dots and getting the full picture. Your life transforms into a cinematic experience filled with excitement, purpose, and an unmistakable sense of direction. Life becomes a real-time ride then, with all the makings of your own crafted adventure.


We’re all born in the middle of humanity’s epic tale, navigating through policies and choices and rules we didn’t even make. It’s like finding yourself immersed in Season 6 of a show without a single clue about the backstory.

But what if you could time-travel back to the pilot episode of your life? Or revisit the moment you met that special someone or that nemesis?

Imagine understanding your character’s development, unravelling your motivations and quirks, deciphering the complex reasons why certain people play significant roles in your life, and why you excel at some things while others leave you scratching your head. 

Suddenly, things that once left you puzzled become clear as day, and you welcome the essence of your unique journey.

That’s where time travel takes the spotlight. Time travel empowers you to comprehend the plot, YOUR plot, so you can courageously engage with the story you’re living and craft your own future scripts. 


So here’s to the magnificent middles, the captivating mysteries, and awe-inspired time-travelling feats that weave together in the remarkable adventure we call life. 

When you think about it, we’re all time travellers on this crazy ride, so why not wholeheartedly embrace the narrative you’re part of. 

And how do you do that?

Simple. Stay curious and keep exploring the quirks and twists that make your story oh-so-epic. It’s time (pun intended) to unleash the hero within your story. The world needs you. YOU need you. The world is your stage, and your story is eagerly awaiting its next chapter.

Your time-travelling adventure awaits.

With love and curiosity,


PS) Remember, life’s narrative is in your hands. Don’t be afraid to peek into the past and dance with the future. Your story is brimming with magic and mystery, and you can engage with every twist and turn with courage and grace. And if you ever need a time-travelling guide and companion to explore the unchartered territories of your soul, I’m here, ready to shepherd you on that extraordinary journey. Here’s 2 ways I can help:

1) Group Time Travel Workshops: If you’re seeking a more accessible entry point, I recommend starting with an intimate group workshop. In September, I offer ‘The Road to Reinvention: A Past Life Regression Workshop for Embracing Your Unique Destiny’. It’s a captivating 1.5-hour Zoom experience that will transport you on an extraordinary odyssey.  

2) Time Travel Packages: I’m thrilled to offer you an extraordinary opportunity that goes far beyond the ordinary. It’s a chance to unlock the hidden wisdom within you, connect the dots of your soul’s journey, and gain profound insights into your past and future lives. Your heart will be the compass on this transformative expedition as we map the road ahead. This isn’t just any journey; it’s an adventure of self-exploration and massive growth. So, when you feel ready to embrace the magic of this experience and embark on a voyage of profound discovery, I’ll be here, eagerly waiting to set sail with you. Choose your adventure, and let’s venture into the realms of time together.

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