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Together, we'll unravel the threads of your past lives and delve into the profound connections that shape your present reality. 


If you're curious about the 'why me; why now' of your life, then step aboard the digital portal for a Group Time Travel Workshop—conveniently conducted via Zoom. In 1.5 hours, you'll not only delve into the untapped corners of your lifetimes, but also gain actionable insights you can apply in the here and now. Alongside like-minded adventurers, you'll ponder, realize, and possibly even solve the riddles of your existence. Because why journey alone when you can share the ride?

Imagine a space where not only your questions are welcomed but actually help to unravel the mysteries of existence—for both you and others. In a Time Travel Workshop, you'll dive headfirst into a group past life regression, future life progression, or between-lives experience, where you'll unlock hidden wisdom and get closer to the core essence of your being.

As we dissect the experiences post-time-travel, you'll find 'aha' moments blossoming. Whether it's a breakthrough or a subtle realization, we celebrate and shed light on it all. Why? Because this isn't just a group—it's a tribe of like-minded souls, and there's room for your unique wisdom here.

Spots are limited for a reason: the journey is intimate, the insights personal, and the experience tailored. Don't miss your chance to secure your seat on a soul-enriching odyssey into hidden layers of your consciousness that will illuminate your path forward.

If you're ready to take the next bold step on your soul's incredible journey, all you need is curiosity and an open mind. Book your spot now, and let the enlightenment begin.

Upcoming  Workshop

All Hallows Eve Portal:
A Spiritual Journey through the Thinning Veil

This All Hallows Eve, you can be part of a celestial feast. It's not just DNA you've inherited; there's wisdom in your roots. In this limited-seating workshop, you are invited to forge potent connections with energies that shaped your lineage.

Have you ever wondered why this time of year feels so... electric? We'll unveil the hidden symbolism and cosmic gravity of All Hallows Eve. And if you're ready for a peek behind the cosmic curtain, I'll help you navigate the thinning barriers between the physical and ethereal.

Your personal VIP pass to the universe comes with a guarantee: we're keeping it intimate to ensure that every soulful journeyer gets their share of cosmic attention. So, grab your spot early and transition from merely observing All Hallows Eve to spiritually embodying it.

This event is your personal invite to go deeper, fly higher, and discover realms you've always sensed but never seen.

Thursday, October 26, 5 PM PDT

Captivating 1.5 hour Zoom workshop with access to audio replay 

Priceless insights and transformative experiences 

It's not a webinar, it's your life—elevated.
A soulful treasure hunt that's both riveting and revealing. Don't miss out!

Workshops Include: 

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Time Travel

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1:1 Transpersonal 

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