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Uncategorized • July 13, 2023

Do you believe love is timeless? 

This week we’re diving deep into the realm of poets, playwrights, authors, and screenwriters who’ve all tried to wrap their heads around this concept and express it for centuries. Just take a peek at Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet” or Rumi’s spiritual exploration of love. Their words have been passed down through the ages, reminding us that love transcends the limitations of time.

Even literary legends like Dickinson, Austen, and Barrett Browning knew a thing or two about celebrating love’s everlasting vibes. And, of course, Shakespeare knew how to weave a tale of timeless love. His plays show us that love can transcend the bounds of time and space.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if love has an expiration date, take a cue from these artistic geniuses and know that love is the OG time traveller. And it’s never gonna go out of style.

But it’s not just the pages of books that have embraced this concept. The silver screen has also woven tales of love and time travel. It’s the feminine energy complementing the masculine energy of the sci-fi time travel genre.

Now, you might dismiss timeless love in the movies as sappy or cliché, but in my years of conducting regressions and progressions, love has consistently emerged as the driving force behind clients’ desire to travel through time. Love is the force that pulls ’em in like a cosmic magnet. They wanna dig deep into their own love stories, heal from their past relationships, or sometimes rediscover the true essence of love itself. It’s like love has this magical power to call ’em to embark on a time-travelling escapade.

And their sessions aren’t just satisfying. They’re deeply, soul-shakingly, mind-blowingly satisfying. They tell me it feels like they’ve unlocked a secret, time-bending superpower. I mean, imagine gaining insight into the backstory of your love relationship with your spouse or significant other. It changes everything – and for the better.

I speak from personal experience too because understanding the greater significance of my love story with my son, Connor, not only brought me solace but transformed the way I carry the weight of loss.


Movies like “Somewhere in Time” have touched the hearts of many, where love drives the desire to transcend time and reunite with a soulmate. This gem of a film has melted the hearts of countless viewers, showcasing a love so powerful that it transcends the very fabric of time. This particular film hit a chord with me when I first watched it in 1980 not because of the romantic surface, but because of the profound themes of time travel and timeless love. 

And how about “Kate & Leopold“? Another captivating tale of two souls finding each other through the corridors of time. Or “The Lake House,” where time travel unravels the mysteries of love, and love unravels the mysteries of time. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle where each piece clicks into place, and you’re left in awe of the infinite possibilities that love can bring.

And who remembers “The Time Traveler’s Wife“? It’s all about an unwavering bond between soulmates, where time is nothing but an inconvenience. 

These movies aren’t just entertainment; they’re about exploring the very essence of what makes our hearts beat and our minds expand. They’re about unlocking what makes us human. The list of love story movies involving time travel goes on and on. Each of these cinematic gems captures our imaginations and taps into something deep within us. They bring forth the power of knowing, where love defies the constraints of time and space. And they remind us of enduring love, the kind that stands the test of time. 

Through the magic of time travel and the exploration of past and future lives, we’re given a rare opportunity. We get to dive headfirst into the concept of soulmates, those special connections that stretch far beyond the confines of a single lifetime. It’s like peeling back the layers of existence and uncovering a cosmic dance of love and destiny.

These movies aren’t just stories on a screen. They’re like windows into our very souls, shining a light on the profound and everlasting power of love. They touch our hearts in a way that makes us pause, reflect, and maybe even shed a tear or two. They make us ponder the mysteries of the universe and question the depths of our own connections.

It’s also worth noting the portrayal of time travel itself, whether accidental or intentional. In “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” involuntary time travel becomes part of the main character’s life, shaping his experiences with his soulmate. In “Predestination,” however, deliberate time travel allows the main character to move back and forth in time in order to fulfill a mission that unfolds in complex and unexpected ways.

Interestingly, I’ve had clients who stumbled upon a time travel accidentally and then sought me out to repeat the experience intentionally. And we have always succeeded in uncovering much more of their memories. 

So, this week I wanted you to immerse yourself in these timeless love stories. See if there’s a spark they ignite inside you. Maybe they’ll challenge your notions of time and love, making your brain do all kinds of acrobatics. Maybe they’ll have you think about the power of enduring connections and the mysteries that unfold when you dare to transcend the limitations of the present. 

I believe love is timeless. I’ve witnessed it thousands of times and experienced it many times. And I know it as an extraordinary tapestry that weaves its way across lifetimes, leaving us in awe of its beauty and power. And through the magic of movies and the exploration of your own consciousness, I think it’s more than time to explore the interwoven love that spans across lifetimes. Don’t you?

Love, Jonni

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