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Uncategorized • December 7, 2023

Can you believe we’re only 2 ½ weeks away from Christmas? Here on the Wet Coast, we’re still waiting for that first magical snowfall. This season’s all about finding joy in the little things, even if it’s just a raindrop instead of a snowflake. So, keep an eye out for those everyday sparkles, and let’s countdown to Christmas together.

Welcome back to another week – where every moment is a chance to find joy, regardless of the weather.

As we tiptoe closer to Christmas, with snow still a no-show, my thoughts have been swirling around how weather influences our moods and perspectives. It’s not just about dodging the winter blues. The skies above us and the climates we live in are deeply connected with our inner experiences.

Take sunlight for example. It’s not just a source of Vitamin D. It amps up serotonin, our brain’s feel-good messenger. Every sunbeam is a reminder of long, balmy summer days. And on the flip side, for those of us in sun-shy places, light therapy lamps become our personal portals to sunnier climes. I’ve been using one since a few Christmases back – my little time capsule of light, kicking in every November. Highly recommended.

Then there’s the rain. Rainy days definitely get a bad rap but they’re actually an auditory backdrop to our creative minds. The pitter-patter against the window or on the roof can transport us to deeper thoughts and imagination. Stop and listen to it rain. It’s like nature’s own white noise machine, minus the batteries. 

Thunderstorms bring their own dramatic flair. And the negative ions released by lightning and thunder are natural mood boosters. Every thunderclap and lightning strike adds an electrifying dimension to our emotions. Kinda like nature’s own dramatic plot twists.

For those lucky enough to experience snow (jealous!), it’s a balm for the soul. Snow absorbs sound, creating a hush over everything. It feels like stepping into a past era without all the modern noise. It’s this blanket of quiet peace as though the world takes a deep breath and settles into a meditative state. Maybe that’s why snowy scenes feel so magical and serene. 

Windy days are the universe’s way of stirring the pot. They’re the universe’s energetic mixers. The howling gusts can either invigorate us or unsettle our spirits. Either way, the wind’s power is in stirring the energies within and around us. There’s a reason for that. As a mover of energy, the wind can stir things up in our minds and hearts, just like it does with the leaves and branches. It’s nature’s way of saying, “Let’s shake things up a bit!” reminding us that life is always in motion, always changing direction.

Then there’s the heat. When it swelters, life slows down, which is why a lot of practices use heat for contemplation and renewal. Think siestas and sweat lodges. And this natural slowing down is an invitation to introspect, to simmer in our thoughts, and maybe even transform them. 

And those cloudy, overcast days? Far from being dreary, I think they offer us a canvas for deeper, more contemplative thinking. They’re like a soft, grey that encourages us to colour our thoughts with deeper hues. No wonder so many deep conversations happen on cloudy days! They create a mood perfect for thinking thoughts we rarely think, having conversations that mighty otherwise remain unexplored.

The skies certainly have more influence on us than we often realize. Snow or no snow, rain or shine, there’s always something to discover about ourselves and the world around us.

In the countdown to Christmas, keep your spirits high and your rain boots ready,



Once again, I’ve dived deep into the vast ocean of the internet, hunting for those offbeat gems that twist our sense of time. And, of course, I’ve been binge-watching Christmas episodes of every TV series I can find, all in the name of festive spirit. Spoiler alert: I’ve struck gold with this week’s finds!

  • First up, the best (and possibly most underrated) time travel flick of recent years is making a comeback on Netflix – ‘Predestination’. It’s an all-time fave of mine. And the less you know before diving in, the better. But if curiosity gets the better of you, here’s a little teaser to pique your interest.
  • Next, we’re bending minds with Stephen Hawking. He’s hosting a party, and we’re invited! Small twist: Hawking has left us, and the party was back in 2009. But, if time travel’s a thing (like MENTAL time travel is), our future kin might just crash the party. Intrigued? Check this out to dive deeper!

That’s all from your favourite cosmic detective’s lair for now.

Keep your eyes sparkling with wonder and dial your curiosity up to eleven,

Jonni ⭐️

So, I channelled all my creative energy into a major website makeover last week! It was a whirlwind – a mix of hard work and pure joy – and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Now, it’s sleeker, more intuitive, and just waiting for you to explore.

If you’re curious about diving into Transpersonal Therapy Calls or Time Travel Therapy Calls, everything you need to know is now just a click away on the new site. And for those who are new to this community (welcome, by the way!), some awesome freebies are waiting for you to discover.

Each service I offer is a unique journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. No matter which path you choose, they all lead to the same beautiful destination: a life filled with purpose, clarity, and boundless joy. It’s all about what resonates with you. Whether you’re just testing the waters of transpersonal and time travel therapy or ready to go on a year-long adventure of transformation, your intention to become ‘Unstuck and On Purpose’ begins with that first, brave step. Your future self is already cheering you on.

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