Cracking winter’s cosmic codes from an astro-psycho perspective

2023 • December 14, 2023

Only 1½ weeks until Christmas, and here I am, still waiting for a snowflake cameo. So this week, I’m swapping the white blanket for a star-spangled one as we zoom into the great astrological beyond in ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’. We’ll connect the celestial dots, where the galaxy’s twirls and whirls have more to say about our earthly twirls and swirls than you might think. Welcome back to another week of cosmic capers and stellar revelations.

Winter’s knocking at the door. (But saying “Winter is coming” always adds a bit of drama, don’t you think?). So, in keeping with the season’s shift, I’m gearing up for my regular, insightful chat with the amazing karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft (do check her out at Our chats are an astrological psycho-spiritual look into the currents that’ll be our guiding lights in the months ahead.

We’re all about unravelling the mystical forces and influences that tug at our hearts, stir our thoughts, and nudge our decisions. And knowledge is a superpower. This winter, Marielle and I are going to decode the celestial map, revealing how the stars align with our inner worlds. We’re here to help you sail through this season with a blend of elegance, mindfulness, and, maybe even a spark of new purpose. 

Jonni: Marielle, it’s always a treat chatting with you. As we turn our calendars to the winter season, when exactly does winter officially kick off this year?

Marielle: The Winter Solstice will arrive on Thursday, December 21st, 2023, at 7:29 pm, PST. That’s the longest night and the shortest day of the year. It also marks the time when the Sun leaves exuberant Sagittarius to enter into a focused and organized Capricorn.

Jonni: Fascinating. So, as we transition into this season, what’s the astrological forecast looking like? What’s the overarching vibe we should expect?

Marielle: Well, we have good news and medium news. 

The good news is that the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus are in wonderful rapport. A strong and poised connection exists between them in the two Earth signs Taurus & Capricorn.

The Moon is hopeful, generous, and enthusiastic there because it’s so close to fun-loving and generous Jupiter. But Jupiter can’t deliver all its promises yet.

Jonni: Interesting! Why is that? What’s holding back Jupiter’s full potential right now? 

Marielle: Because Jupiter is still retrograde in Taurus (September 4th, 2023, to January 1st, 2024) and that speaks of financial difficulties. More expenses than revenues, for example. People might find themselves restricted because of debts or because the expected money didn’t come in for some reason.

On the other hand, the Sun in Capricorn is facing delays and maybe even difficulties in communication that are so stagnant that situations can feel on the edge of stuck, or at least moving with really tiny steps at a time. This is because Mercury’s still retrograde (December 13th to 31st) and is conjunct to the Sun. So, whatever is under the umbrella of communication, negotiation, planning, or collaboration navigates as if in a sea of molasses.

Jonni: That’s a vivid image – navigating a sea of molasses. Thankfully, that phase wraps up at the end of December. It’s always good to have such timelines in mind. 

Marielle: Well, this Solstice is already charged with slowness, and delays get a bit of hope with a Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th. This Moon is strong in her own sign of Cancer and in harmony with pacifist Saturn in Pisces, so it seems that people are willing to unite toward a common goal with an eye on the welfare of all. 

Jonni: That sounds like a promising shift. Could you elaborate on what this could mean for us on a practical level?

Marielle: Yes, they may remain firmly and steady in their position because they want long-lasting results. Unfortunately, there could be a few individuals who might jeopardize parts of this type of effort with isolated impulsive and violent actions. Any forceful or pushy attempts during this season will be unfortunate, of course, because it will cause trouble, not help. It’ll be like a sword cutting into water.

Jonni: That’s a powerful metaphor – a sword cutting into water. It really illustrates the futility of forceful actions during this time. Moving on, are there any eclipses we should be aware of this season?

Marielle: There are no eclipses in the Winter season. We’ll get back to them in the spring season. Mercury will not be retrograde again in the winter season either, after completing the current cycle on January 1st.

As we move into the Winter solstice we have a few planets still in their retrograde cycle: 

– Saturn in Pisces from June 29th to November 15t6h (finished but still really slow moving);

– Uranus in Taurus from August 28th, 2023, to January 27th, 2024; 

– Jupiter in Taurus from September to December 29th; 

– Mercury in Capricorn, returning into Sagittarius, from December 13th to January 1st, 2024, before retracing its steps back into Capricorn later in January.

Jonni: Wow, that’s quite a lineup! Can you help us understand what this means for us in a more digestible way? 

Marielle: Yes, Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus are about what we need for survival. Taurus represents the basic needs of life and what nature offers to all living beings. Since Uranus had been in Taurus (May 2018 – July 2025), we’ve observed enormous change and crisis in those areas due in large part to climate change, economic crisis, social and business issues due to the pandemic, etc. Jupiter is the planet of joy and abundance. It’s now in Taurus as well. That means it will meet with Uranus in April 2024 and will likely be a significant event, a breakthrough of some sort, a series of resolutions maybe. but not quite and not yet what the world needs. It could feel more like some solutions that are acceptable for a while, and yet the bigger issues globally are still not resolved.

Jonni: That’s a poignant observation. It’s like feeling the Earth’s rhythm, anticipating these significant cosmic events. It’s great to have this insight as we navigate our current reality. Now, let’s talk about Saturn retrograding in Pisces. What can you tell us about that influence? 

Marrielle: Ah, yes, Saturn is in Pisces from March 8th, 2023 to February 15th, 2026. It appears as if it’s running to reach Neptune also in Pisces (April 5th, 2011 – January 17th, 2026).

In Astrology, each sign is owned by one or two planets. We say that this owner rules the sign in question. Pisces has two owners: Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter represents our beliefs, our religion, our philosophy, and what we seek to grow and enlarge our horizons. Basically to have a sense of evolving). 

Neptune represents what is beyond our regular beliefs. It’s the channel to spirit, the invisible, the universe, the mystical, the abstract, the communion with all that is. And the sign Pisces resonates with all that, adding an element of compassion, self-sacrifice, empathy, a liking for quiet and solitude, and most definitely a high dream for peace on Earth.

So, we have Saturn in Pisces at the beginning of the sign while Neptune is in the later part of it. Saturn in Pisces creates some sort of lassitude with the old conflicts or trivial problems. It’s willing to look for a solution even at the cost of paying a price or experiencing a certain loss. It’s the proverbial wolf that will sacrifice a leg to get out of a trap to remain alive.

Pisces represents ideals and higher dreams. With Saturn in this sign, it’s really important to examine our lives and who we are to resolve or reshape what we need. We must align with the deeper heart and deeper intuition within ourselves now because when Saturn meets with Neptune, what we carry will be out in the open. What do we want to see out in the open then?

Jonni: That’s profound. It’s like we’re collectively at a crossroads, preparing for this significant cosmic alignment. It’s a call for inner reflection and alignment with our deepest values and intentions. As you describe Saturn catching up with Neptune in Aries, it seems like we’re heading towards something monumental. Can you expand on this?

Marielle: Yes, it is. Will Saturn meet with Neptune within Pisces as you could expect? NO! Before talking about it, let’s say that Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac. The zero point of Aries is the MOST dynamic of the entire zodiac. It’s the point of the Spring Equinox. It’s the point of ALL BEGINNINGS. It is supercharged with fire and movement forward. Very masculine energy. Very self-centred energy. It’s ME and where do I want ME to go and what do I want ME to get.

Jonni: Got it. So, as Saturn approaches Neptune in Aries, what’s the significance of this alignment?

Marielle: Yes! Saturn will finally catch up with Neptune in the 1st degree of Aries! The most dynamic and fiery degree of the entire zodiac. The images that come to my mind are looking like an abrupt awakening from a dream and feeling disoriented momentarily; or the image of The Fool in Tarot cards where the young person carrying minimal possession in a bag held on a stick over their shoulder and having a foot out over a cliff. Will there be a fall down below? No. Because there is a lot of human experience accumulated before getting to this point. The Fool is saved by its knowing.

Jonni: This is truly captivating. It’s like we’re all stepping into a new chapter, albeit with a sense of uncertainty, yet armed with our accumulated wisdom. So, this conjunction in Aries seems to mark a significant new beginning, doesn’t it?

Marielle: Well, every morning when we get out of bed, we are the Fool. We trust ourselves enough to just dive into our day without knowing all that can happen, and yet we go into this unknown trusting that we’ll know what to do most of the time.

That’s why it’s so important that while Saturn is in Pisces, we become as clear as possible about who we want to be in this world, meaning what quality of person, more than what we must accomplish. Who do we want to be in a society that might help society become a better place for all? The clearer we become and the more we practice being this person, the easier it’ll be when we become the Fool represented by the conjunction of Saturn-Neptune on the zero point of Aries.

Then both Neptune and Saturn will go into their retrograde cycles which will bring them back into Pisces for a while, and eventually, in their direct motion, they will return into Aries to stay. But they will only be conjunct for that time in February 2026. Otherwise, they’ll remain near one another but not conjunct again.

Jonni: That’s incredibly insightful, Marielle. It feels like we’re standing at the threshold of a new era. I’m curious though, why highlight this future event in our winter season discussion?

Marielle: Yes. In a certain way, we are in the waiting room prior to a big event. Much is being played out now to be well prepared when we get there. It’s hard to imagine in its details now, but we’ll be moving into a new world and won’t come back to what we have known so far. What we might expect could be a feeling of being momentarily stunted somehow. We might not be quite sure what to do or what’s next, and we’ll have to take time before acting or jumping to conclusions. It’s only by taking our time that we’ll feel the knowing and accuracy of the method.

This powerful conjunction in Aries is well assisted by Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius. That’s the birth of the New Earth. And like any birth, its natural destiny reveals itself progressively. That’s why we must be so deeply aligned with our wisdom and intuition to be ready to make the right moves and choices.

Jonni: That makes perfect sense and it’s why we look forward a season or so at a time to give us some guideposts as to possibilities and influences. But this even isn’t happening this winter. Yet, you’re bringing it up now. Can you tell us why?

Marielle: Well, the Winter Solstice begins in Capricorn and Saturn is the owner of Capricorn. So, it’s appropriate to plan ahead of time, since Saturn is calling us that way from Pisces. Saturn says “prepare” because Pisces is the LAST SIGN of the zodiac. It’s the end of a cycle. After that, we start fresh again in the 1st sign of the zodiac, Aries.

If we look back in History, we don’t find Saturn-Neptune conjunct at zero Aries in the past 2000 years. It is that rare. But we find Neptune on that degree. The orbit of Neptune takes 165 years to complete. The last time Neptune was at zero Aries was in 1861 when Lincoln was President of the USA, the Civil War opposing the North and the South started, and the abolition of slavery occurred a few years after.

Neptune was at zero degrees Aries in May 1533 and in April 1697. There were all kinds of changes in Europe, wars, epidemics, etc. So, all of this is to say that we’re walking on the last part of an old path and it’s our global wisdom that must prevail. Violence, revenge, and demanding payback are outdated. If we continue to think in those terms we’ll be baffled when the birth of the new time lands, as the only way to move successfully forward, in Aries, will be with courage, caution (thanks to Saturn), rhythm, and to get clearer progressively as revealed by our deeper self.

Jonni: I hear you. It’s so helpful to be aware of these energies and approach them with a mindset of reflection and adaptability. Your cosmic insights will be an excellent assistance in making the most of these periods. Thank you once again for sharing your wisdom and astrological insights with us this season.

Marielle: You’re very welcome! It was my pleasure to be here and share my insights with you again this season. It is my holiday wish that these astrological perspectives offer guidance and inspiration. And may the upcoming Winter Solstice and the astrological energies of this season bring joy, connection, and a deeper sense of belonging to all. Merry Christmas to all.

🪐Want the winter astrological intel in 45 seconds? 🪐

  • Winter begins on December 21st, 2023, marking the longest night and shortest day of the year, with the Sun transitioning from Sagittarius to Capricorn.
  • A harmonious connection between the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus, with Jupiter in Taurus being retrograde, indicated financial challenges and a slow pace in communication and negotiation due to Mercury being retrograde till the end of December.
  • The Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th harmonizes with Saturn in Pisces, suggesting a collective willingness to work towards common goals but warning against impulsive, violent actions.
  • Several planets are in retrograde, including Saturn in Pisces (freshly direct but moving really slowly), Uranus in Taurus, and Jupiter in Taurus, impacting survival needs, financial stability, and societal change.
  • Saturn in Pisces encourages introspection and alignment with deeper values, preparing for its conjunction with Neptune in Aries, a rare and significant astrological event.
  • The Saturn-Neptune Conjunction in Aries is happening in February 2026, and represents a new beginning and shift into a new world, emphasizing the need for wisdom, intuition, and careful decision-making.
  • The rarity of the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aries is highlighted, with a look back at historical events when Neptune was at zero degrees Aries, underscoring the significance of this upcoming astrological event.


Back at it again, I’ve taken the plunge into the digital deep sea, scouting for those quirky cyber-treasures that give time a whole new twist. In between festive flicks (hello, Netflix’s ‘Leave the World Behind‘ – talk about chills!), I’ve been on a virtual treasure hunt.

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And for the brainy bunch, Scientific American is bending minds this week with a piece on how Light Can (Kind Of) Travel Backward in Time. It turns out light’s not just about brightening things up. It can also play tricks with time, creating all sorts of weird and wonderful phenomena.

That’s the latest from your go-to cosmic sleuth’s hideout.

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