“Ah, child, the veils are thinning.” 🕯️

Uncategorized • October 12, 2023

In a quaint village nestled between two worlds, there lived an old woman named Seraphine who was known as the village seer. When the first chills of autumn began to creep in, she was often sought after. 

One evening, as the twilight painted the sky with hues of lavender and gold, a young woman named Lila approached Seraphine’s humble home, her heart heavy with something she couldn’t understand.

Seraphine invited Lila to sit with her by the fire, and Lila told her of vivid dreams and emotions tied to places and times she’d never known. Dreams of grand palaces, ancient forests, and languages she didn’t recognize but somehow understood. 

The elder, with a twinkle in her eye, whispered, “Ah, child, the veils are thinning.”

And with that, our dive into a world beyond our own begins…

While “the veils are thinning” may sound like the stuff of legends, it’s an ancient belief that carries rich insights that honestly holds a ton of relevance for each one of us today.

But first, a brief dance through history. 

From the Celts to the Native Americans, ancient cultures across the world believed that during certain times of the year, the boundaries separating the physical world from spiritual realms became more permeable. These times were seen as moments when our ancestors, spirits, and energies from beyond could communicate and interact more freely with the living.

Now fast forward to our 21st-century lives, and ask, “What’s the veil got to do with me, my morning coffee, and the emails awaiting need to get to this morning?”

Haha. Well, for starters, the “thinning of the veils” is more than just an age-old idea. I know it as a metaphorical bridge connecting our tangible world with the unseen universe. 

In a nutshell, it’s about accessibility, hidden truths, alternative realities, and facets of our soul waiting to be rediscovered.

Now, I know this may sound a bit “out there,” but stick with me because YOU KNOW we all carry within us, imprints from countless lifetimes with all the experiences, memories, learnings, and yes, traumas too. And often, our present-day beliefs, fears, and inclinations have roots tracing back to these past lives. 

So, imagine if we could better understand ourselves by journeying through these veils, tuning into these hidden aspects, and exploring the vast landscapes of our soul.

Enter regression work and other transformative therapies.

While the idea of past-life regression might seem like a fantastical voyage for some, you know it’s really about diving deep into our subconscious. It’s about understanding why certain patterns keep showing up in our life, deciphering dreams that feel all too real, or feeling drawn to certain places or cultures without a logical explanation.

So, as the veils thin, the call for this type of exploration becomes louder. 

In its gentle nudge, the Universe pushes us towards self-discovery and expansion. It offers us the chance to challenge our existing belief systems, to question, “Is this all there is?” and embark on a mission to rediscover other dimensions of our being.

But, why should you care? 

Well, for one, embracing the thinning veils allows you to expand yourself by literally broadening your horizons. It supports you in tapping into reservoirs of wisdom and knowledge you didn’t even know you had. 

It also paves the way for healing. 

When you revisit your past traumas and experiences, you can address, understand, forgive, and integrate the old wounds, in order to make space for your growth, peace, and transformation in the present time.

From my perspective, engaging with the veils doesn’t mean you have to go all-in with a past life regression session tomorrow (though you totally can if you’re feeling it!).

Instead, you can open your heart and mind a little more to the endless possibilities of the Universe. Meditate on it. Journal what you feel and sense. Daydream out in nature. Listen to the whispers of your inner self and see where it leads you.

And I’ll tell you all about my special past life regression workshop centred around the thinning of the veils, next week.😉


Meanwhile, let’s dive into this week’s TIMELY – a banquet of recommendations for fellow temporal voyagers. Here are the few gems that have sparked my intrigue lately:

This week there are 10 stellar sci-fi films that shy away from the future, opting instead to reimagine history or root their awe-inspiring tales in the all-too-familiar present.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for a more offbeat film that playfully waltzes around the puzzling paradoxes of time. Check out “Relax, I’m From The Future”. It’s a reel ride that invites us to embrace the endgame rather than overanalyze the journey.

If the ‘Planet of the Apes’ series holds a spot in your cinematic heart, you’ll be happy to hear that the upcoming fourth installment is weaving time travel into its narrative to merge timelines. Dive into the details here.

It’s not my cup of tea, but if time-travel horror comedies are your brew, ‘Totally Killer’ offers a refreshing twist on the slasher genre. Go ahead and puzzle over the timeline’s intricacies. Think ‘Back to the Future’ collides with ‘Scream’.

Sending you insights as clear as hindsight in a time machine.

Until our timelines cross again, stay curious,


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