If this month were a cocktail, it’d be a spicy chai latte spiked with a shot of absinthe

Uncategorized • October 5, 2023

Someone called me a magical unicorn yesterday and I liked it. October, right? 

On the first of the month, I posted on Instagram that I see October as that rebellious teenager of the calendar who’s not afraid to flirt with darkness and mystery. 

That’s because October is the month that reminds us that the veil between the worlds is thin, and so is the line between our ordinary life and extraordinary potential.

When the calendar flips to October, I can really feel that electric energy buzzing in the air. Can’t you, name? October is a spiritually rich, emotionally charged month that’s steeped in a blend of mystery and enlightenment. 

I’m a craft cocktail gal, so let me put it to you another way. If this month were a cocktail, it’d be a spicy chai latte spiked with a shot of absinthe. It’s warm, mysterious, and a tad mind-altering. (You’ll find my personal recipe below. You’re welcome.

Now, in October, I have a ritual. It’s not what you might think – no broomsticks or midnight chants. I dig up an old journal that I apparently only open in October. Not intentional

It’s not an ordinary diary; it’s my “shadow journal.” It contains raw, unfiltered pieces of me. Confessions. Secrets. Stories I tell myself. 

And when the veil thins and celestial alignments boost my courage to confront these shadows, I hear the universe whisper, “It’s okay, I’ve got your back,” so I crack open the leather cover and magically, my darker aspects feel not just more manageable but absolutely vital to explore deeper.


So why am I sharing this with you? Because you’ve got your own shadow journal, even if it’s not penned in ink. 

Your fears, desires, and regrets are all etched into your being. And October is when you’re handed the key to unlock and explore this vault. October isn’t just any old month; it’s a spiritual gateway you can walk through with your eyes and heart wide open.


Well, I’ve talked about it for years – at this time of year, the veil between worlds thins. It isn’t just poetic mysticism; it’s a real, emotional reality a lot of us experience. 

During this time, the boundaries between the conscious and unconscious mind are blurred. But the porous veil isn’t something to fear. It’s more of an invitation. It’s a cosmic nudge to explore, dig deep, and maybe even confront what lurks in the shadows of our inner selves.

If you’ve ever felt the universe was against you – October is when it kisses and makes up. And astrologically, Libra adds a sprinkle of equilibrium – balance on all levels – mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

Navigating the psycho-spiritual complexities of October doesn’t require a manual, but a few tips wouldn’t hurt, right? 

👉 Okay, here’s my 3 highly recommended prep ways for getting the most out of this mystical month:

1) Make friends with Mama Earth. A slow, barefoot meander over some dry autumn leaves works wonders to ground you. I’m talking Earthy, crunchy, feel-the-mud-between-your-toes grounding. The Earth isn’t just your home. She’s your spiritual charging station. 

2) Next – your words should be like your coffee – strong, warm, and making you feel like you can conquer the day. Make your words your secret power. Repeat to yourself: “I am open to the wisdom of my hidden self.” Then, keep your journal close by.

3) You know how you never want to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry? The same applies to spiritual sustenance. Resource yourself. Gather your tribe, your guides, or that dog-eared self-help book that always seems to have the right answer on page 43.  Create a toolkit – maybe some sage for cleansing, rose quartz for love, and a mentor or practitioner who’s navigated their own labyrinth of shadows.

Then, open your own “shadow journal,” metaphorical or literal, and get real about shadow work. 

If you’re waiting for a “safe” time to poke your inner habits and thoughts with a stick, you’ll be waiting forever. October is *the* unparalleled time for shadow work – the exploration of your darker, suppressed emotions and thoughts. 

This isn’t some spooky, hair-raising ordeal. It’s an opportunity to take this time to engage in self-reflection, maybe some guided meditations, or even past-life regressions. https://drjonni.com/packages

The energies are ripe for harvesting self-insights that can catapult you into emotional and spiritual growth. 

October is basically laying out a red carpet for you to take a soulful strut into the caverns of your suppressed stuff. It’s all about your own personal development and the secret ingredient is self-awareness. So whip it into a soufflé of higher consciousness, spend time with it and fearlessly accept the secrets it holds. 

As you and I journey together through this awe-inducing month, I encourage you first and foremost to embrace the mystery. Tune into the subtle energies, the messages from beyond, and the internal dialogues that often go ignored. 

Then, live it like it’s a doorway to another dimension – because, honey, it is. Gear up, wrap yourself in your favourite scarf, and venture into the mystical unknown, one mindful step at a time.


In the meantime, big thanks for all the love sent my way about TIMELY, my little nook where I serve up some brain snacks for all you time travellers out there. The stuff that’s been making me go “Hmm,” “Wow,” or even “What the heck?” lately. So, here’s the tasty tidbits that are lighting up my world right now.

First on the list this week: Five handpicked films that delve into the enigmatic and emotionally resonant dimensions of the AFTERLIFE.

And if you don’t want to go that far, here’s the links to 13 movies about past lives and where they’re STREAMING!

Maybe you’re looking for more NON-TRADITIONAL time travel movies. Then check out these options.

Do you prefer to listen to podcasts? Then there’s a brand new time travel podcast called “The Salvation” you can check out here and here.

And finally, if you’re a Vancouver local and feel like walking on the wild side, ‘The Lost Souls of Gastown Tour’ was recommended to me. Tours run every night till Halloween through Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours.

Sending you vibes as cozy as a knit blanket straight out of the dryer.

All the love and magic,


P.S. If you’re craving an elixir that dances between the mystical and the modern, brew a pot of chai for 5 ethereal minutes, then swirl in a mélange of spices—cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom—with a whisper of your favourite sweetener. Heat a dollop of your chosen milk till it’s almost murmuring. In your most cherished mug, pour a clandestine shot of anise-kissed absinthe. Top it off with your spiced chai latte, give it a stir, and prepare for a sip that promises to tantalize more than just your taste buds. 😉

P.S. You’re a shining star in this digital constellation we’re co-creating, aren’t you? Your soul’s music resonates deeply, and I’m honoured to witness it. If you feel like extending this spiritual jam session, catch me over on Instagram at @drjonni. Trust me, in this space, your light doesn’t just twinkle—it sets the sky ablaze. 🌟

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