Autumn’s 🍂 Astrological Alignment: Insights from an Astrologer and a Transpersonal Psychologist

Uncategorized • September 21, 2023

I’m more than ready to snuggle up with some cosmic insights about the upcoming fall season. How about you? Then go ahead and brew your favourite cuppa and join me in the celestial world of autumn 2023. I’ll wait.

I recently had a heartwarming chat with our cherished karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft ( She’s like a cosmic companion, always equipped with a direct line to the stars and planets. During our conversation, she unveiled the inner workings of the mysterious forces that guide our emotions, thoughts, and life choices.

Together we explored the astrological wonders of fall, blending stars and souls, in a lively discussion about the cosmic dance. All of this is geared toward helping you navigate the upcoming season with a compassionate heart, a graceful step, and a refreshed sense of purpose. It’s like having the secrets of the universe right in your back pocket. 

(Want the fall astrological intel in 29 seconds? Scroll to the bottom.)

Jonni: Hello again, Marielle. We’re rounding the corner on another season change. When does fall officially begin this year?

Marielle: And hello to you. Here we are again – one season after another. Time seems to fly by so rapidly. The Fall Equinox will arrive on Friday, September 22nd, 2023, at 11:50 pm, PDT. That’s when the Sun moves out of Virgo and enters into Libra. That’s also when night and day are 12 hours each.

Jonni: That’s right! The universe is aligning in harmony to mark the balance between night and day. And as the Sun moves into Libra, what does that tell us?

Marielle: Libra’s symbol is the scales – the suggestion that balance, harmony, and justice should prevail or be sought after. It’s a time to recalibrate our daily activities between summer holidays and back to work/school, or to reorganize our lifestyles and priorities to match the transition nature is going into between summer and winter. Leaves are falling, the soil is no longer producing crops, and nature is willingly surrendering to the coming long sleep of winter. We probably feel like adopting a similar rhythm in our lives and becoming a bit more introspective.

Jonni: Oh yes. It’s like nature’s gentle nudge for us to find balance and harmony as we move into this season, adjusting our lives to match this transition as we cozy up to the introspective months ahead.

Marielle: Well, before getting into the highlights of this coming fall season, I want to take a step back on something quite spectacular that invaded our summer season – forest fires! They were all over Canada, of course, but also pretty much all over the world.

Jonni: I’m so pleased you’ve brought this up, Marielle. So given your astrological expertise, is there any cosmic correlations related to these widespread forest fires we’ve witnessed this summer?

Marielle: Well, the planet Mars is a planet of fire. It takes about 2 years for Mars to complete one orbit around the Sun. This means that at an average of about 2 years, Mars will spend time in each sign of the zodiac to bring a spark of action, to ignite what needs to be ignited, to revive what’s been stagnant. 

Every 2 years, one after the other, each zodiac sign gets Mars visiting for about 6 weeks – unless Mars is retrograde. In that case, it remains in the same sign for 6 months.

The zodiacal sign Leo is a sign of fire. It’s the most fiery of all the signs because its ruler is the Sun – the biggest ball of fire!

The Sun was at home in Leo from July 24th to August 23rd. That means hot, hot, hot! Fiery Mars has been in fiery Leo from mid-May to mid-July.

Now, these are not exceptional conditions. The Sun gets into Leo every year at the same period, but Mars gets into Leo only every 2 years. So far, it’s never triggered as vast a devastation of forest fires as it did this summer. What’s different this time? Clearly, it has everything to do with climate change.

Jonni:  Yes, it’s fascinating how these cosmic alignments occur regularly, yet this time, we’re witnessing a stark reminder of how interconnected our planetary and environmental systems are.

Marielle: Oh yes. When the weather is too dry and there’s not enough rain, and we have a hot-hot-hot Mars and Leo meeting – what happens is what happened. But if the weather patterns were normal, a little rain would have fixed the problem. It usually does, because there are forest fires every summer. This time, though, the rain wasn’t able to do its job properly.

Climate change has reached an alarming imbalance. When we did get rain, it was so much rain that it created floods, destroyed farmlands, provoked landslides, etc. Climate change’s side effects seem to be endless. To this day, the air all over the world is polluted with fine particles from forest fire smoke. We need to become more creative to adjust to present circumstances and create brilliant solutions for the future.

Jonni: Absolutely. The impacts of climate change, from floods to fires and beyond, touch everyone. I believe there’s an urgent need to connect on a deeper level, to gather our collective responsibility, and seek creative, heartfelt solutions for a better future.

So, has this hot hot hot time moved behind us for now?

Marielle: Well, the first Full Moon of the fall season is on Friday, September 29th, at 2:58 am, PDT. The Moon’s in fiery Aries and Aries ruler, Mars, is in Libra. There’s still heat on the planet but not as aggressive as it was in the summer.

Jonni: Good to know. Okay, now fall is also eclipse season. Can you give us the ins and outs of it?

Marielle: The New Moon is on Saturday, October 14th, at 10:55 am, PDT, with an annular eclipse of the Sun in Libra. There seems to be a spirit of collaboration that may be hesitant at first but, progressively, we might see some people forming partnerships, and engaging in some pioneering initiative that could help make a difference in the long run.

Jonni: And Mars would make a difference here, wouldn’t it? Where is Mars?

Marielle: Yes, Mars would have just made it into Scorpio – a Water sign – and a perfect sign for it, since Mars rules Scorpio. It’s at home in that sign. The action is not “hot-headed” or “impulsive”. Instead, there’s courage and resilience to move forward according to a good plan. There might be some new beginning to emerge since Saturn – the teacher – is sitting at the beginning of Pisces in the most positive and desirable relationship with Mars in Scorpio. It seems that projects that could be long shots will be more in favour as opposed to quick fixes trying to patch problems as they appear. The atmosphere around this New Moon-Eclipse appears to be really fertile for creativity that requires time, effort, and commitment, and all for the long term.

Jonni: Oh, that paints a vivid picture, thank you for that. It’s reassuring to hear that this alignment encourages courage, resilience, and a thoughtful approach. And the prospect of long-term projects gaining favour over short-term fixes is intriguing for sure. It sounds like a fertile atmosphere for nurturing creativity and commitment to lasting endeavours.

Marielle: I agree. Then we have a Full Moon with a partial eclipse of the Moon on Saturday, October 28th, at 1:24 pm, PDT. Here, the Moon is exalted in Taurus – a sign the Moon adores – and the Sun is deep into the water of Scorpio. The Moon is near lucky Jupiter in Taurus. And, of course, Mars continues to be at home in Scorpio. There are people deeply devoted and committed to constructing or reconstructing somehow, especially on themes related to food and farmland. That’s what Taurus is about: food, shelter, the necessities in life. Moon-Jupiter is all about making sure that projects will be devoted to just that.

Jonni: Well that sounds like a cosmic celebration of Earthly abundance, Marielle – a powerful blend and a glimpse into the energies at play. Is that all the eclipses?

Marielle: Yes, there will be more New and Full Moons in the fall season but no eclipse in them. If you’d like to know their exact date and time you’ll find it under Planets on my website. (insert URL)

Jonni: Alright. The next topic is ‘planetary retrogrades’. And I’m sure it’s big considering where we’re at now. Can you let us know the play?

Marielle: Of course. As we get into the fall season, every slow-moving planet is retrograde. That means Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. All of them went retrograde more or less from the beginning of the summer to early January. How we respond to that is more how we change our rhythm of activities. 

For lots of people, it coincided with a time when they were on holiday. Children finished school. On TV, it was rerun season too. In the summer, we like to explore time to garden, hike, camp, canoe, whatever. And when those planets slowly start to turn direct again, we too re-engage into a more familiar rhythm of work schedule and routine. For the precise dates of the retrograde and direct motions of these planets, again go to Planets on my website. (Insert URL)

Jonni: I agree. It’s as if the cosmos itself invited us to slow down, pause, and embrace a different rhythm in the summer. And it was also a reminder that even in the midst of our busy lives, there’s an opportunity to synchronize with the natural flow of time, exploring and reconnecting with the essentials, with life and with joy. But as these planets gradually shift direct, and we find ourselves re-entering the familiar dance of work and routine, hopefully from everything you’ve said, with a renewed sense of balance and perspective. Is there anything to note here?

Marielle: Oh yes, one of the big players in our sky is Pluto. And Pluto transforms through a method of chaos before bringing back a new order. Its orbit is so large that it’ll remain in the same sign for close to 20 years most of the time. It’s been in Capricorn since 2008 and marked its grand entry with a spectacular happening – the dramatic economic crisis.

Pluto is now slowly transitioning out of Capricorn and preparing to go into Aquarius, but it doesn’t seem to really make up its mind just yet. It’s been in Aquarius in the spring of 2023 and, when it was retrograde it gladly returned to Capricorn where it is now.

It’ll return to Aquarius from January to September 2024 but won’t go any further than 2 degrees before returning again back into Capricorn.

Jonni: And so what does that influence? What does it mean for us?

Marielle: Well, the transformation that took place in Capricorn is about the changes in the structures of our society. We’re used to a system of laws, culture, education, politics, and more that are often described as the patriarchal system. That system includes hierarchies, leaders and followers and can be very conservative and sometimes creates division rather than collaboration. This culture is quite eroded at this point. The world is facing all manners of chaos and change which usually indicates the end of an era and the birth of a new one.

The new era is inevitable and will respond to the colours of Aquarius – since that’s where Pluto will reside for many years from 2025. In a way, it’s a good thing that Pluto only dips a bit into Aquarius and then returns into Capricorn because it gives us a chance to observe and notice signs that are precursors of what’s to come. We’ll have an opportunity to see more of those indicators when Pluto will be in Aquarius most of next year but for now, we can observe from its brief dip into that sign earlier in 2023. It’s not all clear yet but there seems to be sure signs of change.

Jonni: I agree. The subtle hints of change that give us a glimpse of the upcoming era to me is like nature giving us a preview before the main show next year. Even though it’s not all clear yet, the signs of transformation are unmistakable. I feel there’s a chance to witness the colours of Aquarius painting the canvas of our future. What do you think?

Marielle: Well, Aquarius is a sign of independency within groups or communities. The high quality of Aquarius is to believe that if something is not good for the whole it can’t be good for one. So, there is group consciousness. There’s also the cultivation of higher values of integrity, honesty, kindness, respect, collaboration, etc.

The other day, I was hiking with a social club I belong to, and I overheard a conversation between two people walking in front of me. What they shared really stayed with me as important food for thought.

One of them was saying “The world is so different. Now we see gay people adopting children and surrogate mothers producing children they won’t raise. Even though it’s not illegal, I think that these poor kids will face a big problem when they grow up.”

And the other person replied “Well… maybe not. When you look at those situations from the perspective of the previous culture, it would be natural to come to that conclusion. But, there’s a powerful new culture emerging. It’s a wonderful movement that even promotes body acceptance no matter what shape it might be. And you know, there is more inclusivity too. Just look at TV and streaming shows and you’ll see people from all backgrounds, all skin colours and all body shapes working together on collective productions. It’s a new culture. And there are the transgenders, non-binary, LGBT+, and more. It’s a new culture emerging and it’s important for us to embrace it and learn from it. It won’t go away. It’s the society of tomorrow, and it seems that more equality and inclusiveness will be natural. It’s evident that the familiar patriarchal codes we’re familiar with won’t exist at all in the new culture.”

After I listened to them I had an epiphany – the new culture is the Aquarian Era! 

Jonni: Yes! That conversation you overheard, Marielle, is like a snapshot of the evolving cultural landscape, and it beautifully resonates with the emergence of the Aquarian Era – where discussions like these reflect a growing awareness of inclusivity and acceptance. I believe we’re taking steps toward a more equal and diverse society and yes, it aligns with the energies of the Aquarian Age. 

So what can we expect with Pluto moving into Aquarius?

Marielle: A superb change of culture. Humanitarianism may more naturally be the rule of thumb. Until then, we have time to get fully immersed in the new Plutonian paradigm of Aquarius. There may be a ‘clash of the titans’ first, in the form of some revolution, to kick out the old school and install the new one. And most definitely some social and political chaos could be inevitable before a new order can fully take place.

Jonni: Oh yes, a big shift is on the horizon, and you’re right; change often comes with some turbulence. I see the ‘clash of the titans’ and the potential for social and political chaos as a reminder of the birthing pains of a new order. It’s a challenging but necessary process for the evolution of society. And your perspective definitely sheds light on the transformative journey ahead.

So before we close, do we have any more retrogrades to be aware of?

Marielle: Yes, last but not least, we’ll have Mercury Retrograde in this season. Mercury will be retrograde from December 13th, 2023, to January 1st, 2024, between 22 degrees in Sagittarius and 8 degrees in Capricorn. This will be a time to review our long-term goals as well as our general philosophy or belief system. We can ask ourselves if we’re open to change. Can we adapt in a wise and flexible manner? What do we need to change or improve in the way we look at life and the world?

Jonni: Those are wise questions!

Marielle: And of course, when Mercury is retrograde there is often the potential for mistakes or misunderstanding. Double-check everything to be on the safe side. What works well is to complete the project that was left on the back burner. Undo and redo. Write but not publish until Mercury turns direct. Speak clearly and don’t assume that you know what other people think. Communicate to get the true colour of what is happening between you and others.

Jonni: Excellent advice. Your insights are like a comforting blanket for our journey through the fall,

Marielle. Knowing how these planetary energies play out so we can approach them with reflection and adaptability is like having a trusted friend by our side. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and astrological guidance. 

Marielle: You’re very welcome! It was my pleasure. Wishing you a fantastic Autumnal Equinox and a season filled with joy, connection, and that warm fuzzy feeling of belonging. Speak with you before winter.


Want the fall astrological intel in 29 seconds? 

– Fall kicks off on September 22nd, ushering in Libra’s balancing act – perfect timing for some self-reflection and lifestyle tweaks.

– Mars got fiery in Leo over the summer, sparking those wildfires – a cosmic wake-up call about climate change.

-The Full Moon in Aries on September 29th keeps the heat going, but not as intensely.

– Circle your calendar for October 14th – it’s the New Moon with a Libra eclipse, hinting at exciting collaborations and pioneering projects.

– With Mars chilling in Scorpio, expect courage and long-term project mojo.

– October 28th’s Full Moon in Taurus is all about celebrating Earth’s abundance.

– Pluto’s shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius suggests a major cultural shift towards inclusivity and equality.

– Brace yourself for Mercury Retrograde from December 13th, 2023, to January 1st, 2024 – time for reflection and adaptability.


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