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Uncategorized • September 7, 2023

Can we chat about hypnotism today – not the swaying watches and mysterious capes some people still believe in (yes, really, still)? I want to talk about the real deal, the kind that clinicians and brainiacs are getting even more jazzed about recently.

What’s the recent buzz? Here’s what I know: A team from Stanford University decided to peek into the brain’s inner workings during hypnosis – and found it was way more fascinating than you might imagine.

First off, they gathered a bunch of people – 545 to be exact – and gave them a hypnotic susceptibility test. Something like a “how easily can you slip into a trance” type of quiz. From there, they cherry-picked 36 champs who scored high and 21 chill souls who were the low scorers. The next stop, MRI machines to get into the measurable depths.

The results were mind-blowing. They saw what happens in the noggin during rest, recalling memories, and even riding the hypnosis train.

👉 Let me break that down.

Think of your brain as a bustling city with different neighbourhoods, each handling specific tasks.

First up, you’ve got the default mode network (DMN). This part of your brain is all about self-awareness, memories, and daydreaming. Think of it as the nostalgia experts, reminding you of that epic vacation or cringeworthy high school moments. It’s like the sentimental guides of your brain.

Then there’s the executive control network (ECN). This part is the logical thinkers, decision-makers, and attention-wranglers. When you’re acing a math problem or following directions, it’s this part of your brain doing the heavy lifting. Think of it as the project managers of your mental city.

Now, during hypnosis, DMN and ECN decide to take a little break from each other. It’s like the sentimental storytellers and the logical project managers went on separate adventures. You can still function, but that deep self-reflection? It’s on hold. It’s like playing a video game without hitting pause – you’re in the action, but you’re not analyzing your every move. Self-reflection? Off-duty.

Then comes the juicy part.

Your brain buddies start texting. Meet the dynamic duo – the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (DLPFC) and the Insula.

The Insula is basically the rockstar of brain regions. It’s the one-stop-shop multitasking hub for pain, emotions, empathy, and even time perception. Picture them as besties who just hit it off. It’s like your brain saying, “Hey, partner, let’s tackle pain and feelings together.” They’re like a superhero team-up, a tag team of brainpower for an epic journey.

And there was more. 

Another brain hotspot, the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, decided to hit the snooze button. This region is all about context evaluation. So, during hypnosis, some brain parts went full-blown chill mode, totally missing out on what’s happening around them.

Now, just so we’re clear, hypnosis doesn’t shut down brain areas. Hypnosis is like a cosmic reshuffling party. Some areas drift apart, some cozy up. It’s a reorganizing of brain connections, proving that hypnosis isn’t just a chill pill – it’s a whole new level of consciousness. Think Neo entering the matrix.

The Stanford study pulled back the curtain on the brain’s backstage, revealing that hypnosis isn’t just a show – it’s an inside job that rearranges the way you perceive reality. It’s a journey into the uncharted brain territories of your gray matter. A cosmic remix that flips the script on how you perceive pain, self-awareness, and even time itself.

The rabbit hole just got a whole lot deeper.


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