Barbie talk and time-travelling play 🎀

Uncategorized • July 27, 2023

So there I was, on my comfy Pilates mat, listening to a conversation about none other than Barbie – the doll, not the movie (although, that movie is a talkative inspiration). 

One of the women started gushing about her Barbie days reminiscing how she had a Ken by her side, and we all had a laugh when she confessed to creating Barbie’s little love nest under the blanket of the Dreamhouse bed. Oh, young romance.

This got another Barbie devotee to jump in. She shared how she’d play with Barbie’s bendable legs, making her leap over other action figures like a pint-sized trapeze artist. I couldn’t resist quipping that Barbie’s athleticism must’ve rubbed off on her, contributing to her sports star prowess today.

But then, something unexpected happened – the room hushed into an introspective silence like we were all decoding mysteries deeper than Barbie’s wardrobe. And right when the convo was getting juicy, our Pilates guru strolled in, cutting off our Barbie dissection session.


But it got me thinking – our childhood play uncovers more about us than a toddler with a magnifying glass.  Remember playing house or pretending to be grown-ups? Think back to those moments or ask someone who remembers. It’s like peering into a time capsule of our past lives’ influences coming to the surface.

For me, Barbie was always fabulous, but I couldn’t help feeling her outfits were a bit skimpy for my taste. So, like a fashion designer with a creative vision, I’d grab clothes from larger dolls and deck Barbie out in elegant, flowing dresses. I even made tiny sashes and puffed up her sleeves, giving her a whole new sophisticated look. Looking back, I see my past-life influences were shining through – those lifetimes well before the 1900s had left a mark on me, and I missed them.

And it’s not just me; kids often show us their past-life influences in their play. I remember  asking my son, who was a wee five-year-old then, if he remembered “being big before you were little.” My heart skipped a beat as he nonchalantly replied, “You mean when I had the big hat and you had the umbrella?

Our past lives leave their traces on us, shaping our choices, quirks, and actions, sometimes in subtle ways. So, when you catch yourself doing something that’s not quite “you”, it might be those past-life nostalgia influences playing a tune. 

Of course, we can’t blame all our quirks on past lives – that would be like blaming our parents for everything. But we can explore those quirks to untangle the threads of the past and integrate them more flowingly into the present. 

All this to say that the next time you cross paths with Barbie or witness kids on their time-travelling play escapades, maybe take a moment to see the whispers of past lives dancing in the details. I think it’s like uncovering a hidden treasure chest of clues. 

And remember, we can’t change the past, but we can certainly rock the present with all the wisdom we’ve gathered through lifetimes of play and growth.

Embracing the quirky, the wise, and the playfully profound,


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