Healing the fear of water through time travel 🌊🚢⏳

Uncategorized • July 6, 2023

I’ve got news – old and even older. So, which do you want to hear first?

Nearly three weeks have passed since the fateful implosion of the Titanic submersible and other tragic events at sea. Since then, I’ve heard and felt a wave of anxiety, nightmares, and unsettling memories. So I want to tell you about Emma (not her real name, of course), a client who used to have an unfathomable fear of water.

Water has always held a mysterious and awe-inspiring allure as a force that can both give life and claim it with unforgiving power. But for Emma, the depths of water were a haunting abyss that transcended the boundaries of time. When the film “Titanic” made its debut in 1997, it triggered a complex resonance within her, igniting nightmares and unsettling memories that threatened to drown her in an overwhelming tide of anxiety.

Emma’s fear of water manifested in extreme ways. Just thinking about stepping foot onto a boat sent her heart racing, while the notion of drowning evoked a primal terror that gripped her. Even a simple dip in a swimming pool could plunge her into inexplicable flashbacks from a distant past.

I love how things work: Emma discovered an article I wrote in a Vancouver magazine, and very soon embarked on a courageous journey with me as her guide.

I vividly remember navigating the labyrinth of Emma’s subconscious, where she unearthed the hidden origins of her water-related anxieties. In the depths of regression, she revisited not one, but three lifetimes, where she faced the harrowing devastation of shipwrecks and succumbed to the unforgiving sea. These very detailed and traumatic memories had long been buried within the depths of her psyche and were fuelling her present-day fears with their haunting echoes.

Within the sanctuary of our sessions, Emma fearlessly confronted the tempestuous waves of emotions. She moved through the turbulent currents of pain, fear, and loss that had plagued her life. With each subsequent regression, she plunged deeper into self-discovery, unearthing the most meaningful insights that gave her the strength necessary to rewrite her entangled relationship with water.

I was in awe witnessing Emma’s metamorphosis. And it was a testament to the extraordinary power of healing. No longer did water appear as an indomitable foe to her. Instead, Emma embraced it as a formidable ally on her path of self- realization. She told me that stepping onto a boat became an exhilarating adventure, and the ocean stirred a renewed sense of wonder and awe inside her.
The meaningful messages hidden within the rhythm of the waves (a significant aspect of her memories) became her guiding lights, leading her toward a future where water no longer held her captive.

When I reflect on the transformative journeys of my clients over the years, Emma’s story still stands as a confirmation of the intense impact of time travel. When the film “Titanic” was released, it activated submerged fears within 23 separate individuals I saw in the following months. Not all of them were initially aware of their fears of drowning, the chill of oceanic depths, the dark abyss, colossal vessels, or the societal divide – things portrayed in the movie. However, each of the clients embarked on a time-travelling expedition to unearth the source of their newly awakened fears.

So, if the recent Titanic incident (or any other current events) stirs any dormant fears within you, know that you’re not alone and I’m always ready to guide you through a transformational expedition, into the depths of your triggers, the meaning and hidden messages they hold, to forever change the course of your life.

As the world undergoes rapid change these days, you just might find yourself overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, or triggered by forces beyond the surface. If so, please remember that time travel always gives you a broader perspective to allow you to fully understand your place within the grand scheme of existence.

With love and unwavering support,

P.S. For those who’ve been following my daily Instagram posts, hints of forthcoming time travel adventures have been dropped this past week. Stay tuned. I promise to reveal all next week.

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