Ancestral healing and a DeLorean full of possibilities 🧬💫

Uncategorized • June 29, 2023

I’ve got a fascinating topic to share with you today: ancestral healing. It’s like hitting the refresh button on those old family patterns and behaviours that have been passed down through generations.

But here’s the kicker—I take it up a notch with some mind-bending past-life healing to make those changes even more thorough and long-lasting. Intrigued?

You should be!

Let me give you a juicy example of how this powerful combo of ancestral and past-life healing worked wonders for one of my clients, Sharon (not her real name, of course).

You see, anxiety was practically a family heirloom in her household. Every family member had their fair share of worries—work, relationships, money, the future— you name it, they were anxious about it.

Sharon was a vibrant middle-aged woman but she knew her anxiety was spiralling out of control. It was preventing her from fully enjoying life, and even putting a damper on her marriage and her inability to stop worrying about her children. High blood pressure, sleepless nights, and the cherry on top perimenopause symptoms. Something had to give, and fast. Her naturopath referred her to me.

Sharon and I embarked on a journey together, exploring not one, but three significant past lives over the course of three incredible sessions. Each session revealed more profound insights into the origins of her anxiety. It was like peeling back layers of an ancient onion. And after each session, we took the time to process and integrate those past lives into her current life and behaviours.

What I loved most was that Sharon’s transformation didn’t go unnoticed. Her own son, Ethan (yep, not his real name either), couldn’t help but notice the profound changes in his mom. Naturally, he had questions. She hesitated at first, unsure of how he would react to the whole past-life talk. In fact, she even asked me during one of our sessions how to navigate that conversation with him. It was a crucial

And you know what? I had the pleasure of working with Ethan in two subsequent sessions. We dove headfirst into his own time-travelling adventure. And it was eye-opening.

Ethan discovered a cornucopia of reasons for his own anxiety, all cleverly tucked away in several past lives. The insights he gained were absolutely jaw-dropping, and with zero resistance, he managed to shed the heavy ancestral burden AND past-life burden that had been weighing him down.

Ancestral and past-life healing converge at a powerful cross-section. And what vehicle takes us on this incredible journey? Time travelling. It’s like hopping in a DeLorean and rewiring your family history, one transformative experience at a time.

If anxiety has been your lifelong companion, consider time-travelling. Together, we’ll delve into the tapestry of your past, unearthing the threads that contribute most to your anxiety, and unravelling them with compassion and understanding. Through the lens of past-life healing and ancestral exploration, we’ll uncover the origins of your anxiety and work toward healing and transformation.

But anxiety isn’t the only reason to hop on a mind-bending journey. Time travel opens up a whole universe of possibilities for personal growth, self- discovery, and empowerment.

Maybe you’re itching for a glimpse into the interstellar blueprint of your existence, craving to decode the mysteries of your relationships, or just yearning for a big ol’ dose of cosmic connection. Then time-travelling can blow your socks off. It can ignite your purpose, unravel the threads of your story, and uncover astonishing insights.

Whenever you’re ready to kick-start an adventure that’ll redefine the way you see yourself and the world, let me know. We’ll dive headfirst into the time-warping abyss, armed with curiosity and a DeLorean full of possibility. Then we’ll peel back the layers, rewrite your narrative, and discover the hidden gems that’ll
leave you awe-inspired and ready to level up your life. The DeLorean is fuelled up, and the possibilities are endless. Let’s rewrite your story and shape a brighter future. Soon.

Sending you oodles of transformation and adventure,

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a dash of temporal enchantment. See you there, time explorers!

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