Cats, cobblestones, and creating the future 😸🧱🌱

Uncategorized • June 22, 2023

Way back when I first delved into the world of past life regression and future life progression therapy, I had an insatiable desire to experience as many mind- bending time travels as possible.

During those early days of my time-travelling escapades, I walked into a therapist’s office, and lo and behold, my eyes started watering and my nose began itching. It was the classic telltale sign of my feline allergy acting up.

Growing up, cats were a constant presence in my life, and I had grown accustomed to the sneezes and sniffles they brought along. I had learned to roll with it, but this therapist had a different perspective.
With an inquisitive smile, she looked at me and said, “How about we dial down this allergy business first?”

Exploring regression work to understand why our bodies react in certain ways is just plain fascinating. I was all in.

In a matter of minutes, I found myself transported to a world of horse hooves clattering on cobblestone. I was riding atop a huge steed, feeling like a physically fit soldier with a mission, scouring the town for something specific. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a domestic cat darting from behind a barrel, startling my horse. You can probably guess what happened next. I was thrown off my horse, and my body decided to make friends with the cobblestone.

In that moment of chaos, two vivid scenes stood out—the curious cat freezing in its tracks to witness the mayhem, and a pool of blood oozing from my nose, ear, and head. That was the core of the memory.

Then my talented therapist guided me through the process of understanding, processing, and integrating that memory into my whole being.

Over the years, my cat allergy has gradually faded away. It wasn’t an overnight transformation, but it was undeniable. So, what did I do? Well, naturally I became a proud cat owner! Two furry friends entered my life, and they even joined me in bed most nights—one snuggled under my arm, and the other cozily perched on my chest. And my eyes and nose didn’t even bat an eyelash (or let out a sneeze). So here’s what these adventures have taught me—sometimes, we carry restrictions without truly understanding their origin or purpose. Everything has a story—a beginning, middle, and an ending. And sometimes, we only know the middle part of the tale. But time travel allows us to uncover the beginnings, add captivating plot twists to the middle, and ultimately reshape the ending.

With love and endless possibilities for plot twists,

PS) Lately, I’ve been feeling an irresistible urge to intensify the intertwining of the past with the present, empowering us to collaboratively craft a future brimming with dreams instead of nightmares. Countless avenues exist to accomplish this, but my preferred path and expertise lie in psychologically-based time travel. For daily insights, join me on Instagram.

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