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Uncategorized • June 15, 2023

Are you ready to dive deep into the cosmic mysteries that’ll shape your summer experiences? Yup, I’m talking about the astrological influences that are gonna tag along for the ride.

I recently had the pleasure of having my seasonal conversation with the karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft ( As many of you know, she’s got a direct line to the celestial realms, and she’s here to share some seriously fascinating insights into the hidden forces that guide our emotions, thoughts, and choices.

So, let’s take a look at the astrological landscape of summer and witness the meeting of stars and souls. I’m pretty sure we’ll uncover the cosmic insights that’ll empower you to navigate this season with grace, awareness, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Jonni: Marielle, when exactly does summer begin this year?

Marielle: The Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice in Australia) arrives on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023, at 7:59 am, PDT. That’s when the Sun moves out of Gemini into Cancer, marking the longest day and shortest night of the year.

In several ancient cultures, this was a time for great celebrations, rituals, and ceremonies. In our culture, we come together in many joyful ways, since it’s the summer vacation period for most. It’s also ‘festivals of all kinds’ season as well.

Jonni: I can practically feel the excitement building up as we approach the Summer Solstice (or Winter Solstice for our friends in Australia). Can you tell us more about this magical time when the Sun bids adieu to Gemini and embraces Cancer?

Marielle: Of course, Jonni, the sign of Cancer specializes in everything family and community so we can weave our sense of attachment and mutual support even deeper. This wonderful feeling of belonging, of creating traditions and memories, may have been challenged in recent years with the general chaos from COVID to climate change to wars, but this is the time to remember who we are. And this can certainly blossom much deeper when we’re not feeling alone or isolated. This is THE season to reconnect and revive our humanity.

Jonni: Absolutely, so can you give us the lowdown on the astrological energies that will kickstart our summer?

Marielle: The season begins with very encouraging planetary energies. The Sun and Moon are in mutual receptivity – meaning that one is in the sign of the other. (Cancer’s ruler Moon is in Leo and Leo’s ruler Sun is in Cancer.) This is the most beautiful combination that aligns the heart with passion, spontaneity, fun, beauty, creativity, and children (or the inner child within each of us).

Loving Venus and passionate Mars are with the Moon in Leo as well. The arts, outdoors, and fitness may find new ways to entertain us as well and may become quite irresistible. Why not indulge in fun and play? Is it natural for us or should we revive this youthful vibe in our heart and body?

Jonni: Great questions, Marielle. Can you take us into the cosmic deep end and talk about the big players in our global reality? Give us the scoop on what Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus have in store for us this summer.

Marielle: Well, as I mentioned in our previous seasonal conversation, Pluto is navigating back and forth between the end of Capricorn and the beginning of Aquarius until the end of 2024.

After spending most of the spring in the first degree of Aquarius, and having turned retrograde on May 1st, it’s now back (retrograde) in the 27-29th degrees of Capricorn until turning direct again on October 10th. It’s as if it wants to digest what it’s been exposed to while in Aquarius.

Pluto is a planet of chaos, transformation, and intensity. It roughs it up before reorganizing it in a more suitable manner. When ready, it just wipes the table. There are no delicate manners with Pluto.

Aquarius represents large groups, inventions, renewal, revolution, etc, but perhaps more importantly these days – technology! A group of experts in technology research have urged governments to apply a pause to research because technology has become so advanced that it has the potential to create the most horrific reality in the world. Some fear a war could be accidentally declared just because an AI could write its own scenarios, dialogues, and strategies as if done by humans; they would use the names and profiles to support the subject, while the real persons in question would have no awareness of it, no say in the manner, and no way to get to the origin of the situation.

Jonni: Wow, Marielle, that’s a lot of cosmic drama. So with Aquarius holding some serious power in the technological realm, I’ve also been hearing some buzz about experts raising concerns about the potential dangers of advanced technology. Can you shed some light on this fascinating intersection between Aquarius and technology?

Marielle: Oh yes. We’re clearly facing two powerful levels of reality – the useful side of technology and the nightmare side of it. We need competent visionaries to guide this process with leaders and governments, towards its highest useful level while including the proper structures and governance to protect humankind. At the moment, our safety is not certain if nothing is done. Of course, such a perspective could trigger fear in lots of people. Fear is an easy temptation but not a useful one. However, fear can be replaced with faith and an effort to remain vigilant wherever we can contribute to help keep AI useful and safe.

A revolution is in order and seems inevitable. If the revolution comes from people, it’ll help immensely going through this transition period. If the revolution is artificially created by AI, we might be in trouble. More than ever, as individuals we must remain vigilant and make accurate choices, especially as we guide our children and youth toward humanitarian values which is not something that comes out clearly from all the entertaining tools provided by AI.

Jonni: Marielle, you’ve touched upon a critical and thought-provoking aspect of our current reality. We’re facing a fascinating (and slightly scary) duality in our technological reality. On the one hand, we have all the amazing benefits and possibilities that technology brings. But on the other hand, there’s a darker or more unknown side lurking beneath the surface. We need some serious visionary powerhouses to step up and lead the way, along with governments that can set up the right rules and safeguards for the well-being of humankind. I agree, the stakes are high, and we need visionary leaders to navigate this complex terrain.

And there are potential consequences if we don’t take action. It’s like walking on a tightrope without a safety net. But you’re very right – fear won’t get us anywhere. Instead, you suggest replacing fear with faith and a proactive effort to remain vigilant. I would add that every one of us can embrace our role as individuals and contribute to the collective effort of keeping AI useful and safe. It’s clear that a massive change is on the horizon, and it seems inevitable. If this massive change emerges from the people themselves, it can greatly assist us in navigating this transitional period. However, if it’s artificially driven by AI, we might find ourselves in a precarious situation. Because let’s face it, not all the flashy gadgets and gizmos provided by AI prioritize humanitarian values or align with our core principles. It’s definitely a call to action.

Okay, let’s dive into the energy of Uranus in Taurus. We know Uranus is all about shaking things up, but it seems like it’s experiencing a bit of a clash with the down-to-earth nature of Taurus. Can you tell us more about how this cosmic dance is impacting us?

Marielle: Oh yes, Uranus continues to be in Taurus until early 2026. It’ll turn retrograde on August 28th, 2023, until January 27th, 2024. Uranus rules Aquarius where Pluto is slowly doing its thing.

Taurus rules everything about food, shelter, money, personal comfort, and survival. Uranus is a planet that acts fast and strong just like lightning. This makes it extremely uncomfortable when in Taurus, where everything is meant to be down to earth and long-lasting. Uranus can’t snap elegantly here, and as a result, we’ve seen so many issues related to climate change and farmlands, to prices of food, to lack of staff in businesses, let alone those who’ve not survived the closing periods imposed by COVID in recent years.

Jonni: It sounds like Uranus in Taurus is really throwing a lightning bolt into the mix. Can you shed some light on how this planetary combo is stirring up the changing spirit in these areas?

Marielle: Well, Uranus is about being revolutionary and inventive in ways that have not been done before, despite climate change. For example, some groups have created farming on levels in buildings with great success. It’s important to keep our eyes on the protection of resources, including drinking water. And recycling rather than throwing away is another useful habit to cultivate. Any creative projects that bring a solution to environmental issues are more than welcome and this could even come from children in school if more have the opportunity to an education in growing food, for example. Some schools have created programs with hot houses which the children adore!

Jonni: You always bring such fascinating insights to the table. I’m excited to hear your take on how Uranus in Taurus is reshaping our relationship with the Earth and what we can do to contribute to a more sustainable future. And isn’t Jupiter also moving into Taurus?

Marielle: Yes, Jupiter just moved into Taurus in May for a year and will turn retrograde on September 4th until December 31st, 2023. Jupiter is a planet of luck, timing, joy, and fun. It certainly can bring improvement, new solutions, and new opportunities in the fields associated with Taurus affairs.

Jonni: Okay let’s shift our focus to Saturn’s cosmic journey into Pisces. I know this transition seems to bring a deep spiritual essence to the mix. Can you share with us how Saturn’s presence in this compassionate and visionary sign is impacting our collective consciousness?

Marielle: Well, Saturn moved into Pisces on March 7th, 2023, and will remain there until winter 2026. It is turning retrograde from June 17th until November 4th, 2023. Yes, Pisces is a deeply spiritual sign; a sign of peace, compassion, and vision. Here, Saturn has a global sobering effect that could help some people accept that life has changed, and one must adjust and adapt. It goes to governments as well – will governments face a reality that the budget is not illimited, for example?

For some people, Saturn in Pisces could help to create a more frugal lifestyle. For others, it could create some degree of moral fatigue too. If that’s the case, it’s helpful to book with a therapist. What is also helpful is to reactivate what’s inspiring in our life, reconnecting with beauty and wisdom. Perhaps visiting a museum, or an art gallery, reading spiritual books, attending a spiritual retreat, practicing yoga or tai chi or qigong, listening to video clips of spiritual masters on YouTube, etc. Spending time in nature, contemplation as a form of meditation, and practicing gratitude for a few minutes on a daily basis. Remembering that we’re not alone but rather a work in progress with the Universe cocreating with us. When we allow life to do some of the work while we observe, we may be surprised by what we discover that is real, deep, comforting, and beautiful.

Jonni: Your recommendation on embracing the beauty and comfort that surrounds us is inspiring. Thank you for reminding us that we’re not alone, but rather co-creators with the Universe. It’s a powerful notion that can bring immense comfort and hope.

You and I both know there’s a larger plan at work with Neptune and Pisces. Can you elaborate on that for us?

Marielle: Oh, yes. Neptune rules Pisces and has been home in that sign since 2012 until the winter of 2026. A deep larger plan is indeed in the works, hard to figure out since both Pisces and Neptune are so abstract and mysterious. Faith is clearly in order, and the beauty of this larger plan will emerge when the babies born with Neptune in Pisces become adults. It’s the society of tomorrow that will reveal this larger plan.

An aspect of this larger plan that seems to have already emerged and is more and more visible and obvious could be in the immense redefinition of gender and sexual realities. Transgender, no gender, LGBT vs LGBTQ vs GLBTQ vs GLBTQQIAPTS, and whatnot – these new ways to relate with other human beings are a very deep break from the traditional patriarchal culture. Human relating to human. Period. That’s kind of heart-and-soul language somehow. So Neptunian, so Piscean.

Jonni: That’s beautiful. The concept of human relating to human, beyond traditional labels and boundaries, feels truly heart-and-soul driven. It’s a language that transcends societal constructs and connects us on a deeper level.

Let’s move on to the Moon, eclipses, and retrogrades this summer. What do we have in store?

Marielle: We don’t have any eclipses during the summer season. And the dates for New or Full Moons are on my website under Planets.

As the Moon navigates around Earth, its orbit wobbles a bit somehow causing the Moon to be closer or farther away from Earth at times. When it’s closest to Earth, we call it ‘Super Moon’. The Full Moons on August 1st and on August 30th are both Super Moons. We might feel more sensitive, more emotional, more dreamy, as well as more inspired by art and creativity. If we feel too emotional, we want to be aware of it to avoid misreading what’s said or what’s happening and, as a result, overreacting.

Finally but not least, Mercury AND Venus will have their retrograde cycles this summer. The point to note is that they also overlap their retrograde for a while from mid-August to early September.

Venus and Mercury are planets circulating rapidly in comparison to Saturn or Pluto. In that case, there’d a period that we call Pre-Retrograde that is useful to take into account. That’s when the planets appear (optical illusion) to slow down before changing direction, from direct (normal) to retrograde (appearing to go backward). The dates of Pre-Retrograde and Post-Retrograde (when the planet turns direct but still appear to move slowly) are on my website under Planets.

So, Venus will be retrograde in Leo from July 23rd to September 4th. That means avoiding important financial transactions, and don’t launch a new art project to the public. What works well is tweaking to make more beautiful anything from interior décor to personal looks. It’s an excellent period to create whether it’s a personal hobby or architecture, to explore and research what’s done elsewhere in the world. The sky’s the limit.

Love relationships could become more romantic or face that it’s time to say thank you and move on. Often people from the past may resurface in this period of time just to say hello or more important reconnection.

Jonni: Ah, relationships, the ever-evolving dance of the heart. I always find that the idea of people from our past resurfacing during this time is quite fascinating. It’s as if the Universe orchestrates these encounters for a specific purpose, whether it’s a simple hello or a profound reconnection.

Now, when can we expect Mercury to retrograde?

Marielle: Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo from August 23rd to September 15th, 2023. Mercury is at home in that sign. Think of attention to detail, to refine and perfect, to take great joy in gardening or landscaping, or spending time in nature. Fixing up or refreshing what’s old to make it new again, getting busy physically is more natural here than deep intellectual or philosophical activities but if that’s your passion, it’ll work beautifully.

In the overlap period – from August 22nd to September 4th – when both Venus and Mercury are retrograde at the same time, one would want to double-check everything and avoid important commitments or investments, as the energies are everything but grounded. What you see may not be what you get. What seems available may not be at the last moment. Not a strong period for important decisions. Instead, it’s time to take it easy and take life with a grain of salt. A good sense of humour always helps when life changes its promises at the next corner. In the end, it is just life and as they say, ‘this too will pass’. Better to enjoy it now and to live with presence since yesterday is gone and tomorrow… well…

Jonni: I hear you. It’s so helpful to be aware of these energies and approach them with a mindset of reflection and adaptability. Your cosmic insights will be an excellent assistant in making the most of these periods. Thank you once again for sharing your wisdom and astrological insights with us this season.

Marielle: You’re very welcome! It was my pleasure to be here and share my insights with you. I hope that these astrological perspectives offer guidance and inspiration. May the upcoming Summer Solstice and the astrological energies of this season bring joy, connection, and a deeper sense of belonging to all. Thank you for having me.


Want the summer astrological intel in 53 seconds? 

On June 21st, the Sun waves goodbye to Gemini and embraces Cancer, marking the longest day and shortest night of the year. It’s time to celebrate, dance, and bask in the festival vibes!

Then, get ready for a cosmic concoction of love, passion, and spontaneity. The Sun and Moon engage in a celestial tango, aligning our hearts with creativity, beauty, and our inner child. Time to dive into fun, playfulness, and all things fabulous.

Hold on tight, because Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus are bringing the drama this summer. Pluto’s up to its transformational tricks, flipping between Capricorn and Aquarius, while Uranus shakes things up with thunderous clashes in Taurus. It’s a wild ride, but fear not – we can channel this energy for positive change.

Oh, and Jupiter is shifting into Taurus, serving up luck, joy, and fresh opportunities. Saturn takes a detour through Pisces, nudging us towards peace, compassion, and deeper connections. That means it’s time to tap into our inner wisdom, embrace the beauty around us, and co-create a better future.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Venus and Mercury retrogrades, heating up this summer. Venus in Leo advises caution with major financial decisions but encourages us to indulge in creative hobbies and explore artistic wonders. And remember, Mercury’s retrograde may play tricks on communication, so double-check those emails and hold off on launching any grand schemes. Facts, just the facts!

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