Enter the Easter vibes… 🐣

2024 • March 28, 2024

Easter’s this weekend, and it’s not *just* about chocolate eggs. No, there’s something more to this time of year. Of course. 

It’s a vibe of renewal and a universal reboot.

Welcome back to ‘The Time Traveller’s Life’, where we’re all about looking beyond the candy stash and saying yes to those reboot vibes.

When you think about it, this season is essentially Mother Nature’s glow-up moment. It reminds us that no matter what the weather has been over the last 3+ months, spring always makes a comeback. 

It’s the universe’s way of giving us a do-over no matter how many times we’ve hit the snooze button on our personal growth.


If you’ve glanced at the news or doomscrolled through your feeds recently, you’ll notice it’s been… a lot. Between climate marches that feel like Mother Earth’s own rallying cry for a makeover and social movements that are rewriting the rulebook on what it means to stand together, (and that’s just at the top of the heap) it’s clear we’re living through some major renewal vibes right now, Easter style.

Some days it feels like we’re living in a world that can’t decide if it’s stuck in a never-ending winter or just about to burst into spring. 


One minute the news is all doom and gloom, and the next, there’s a glimmer of hope peeking through. 

Enter the Easter vibes. A time that’s basically the universe’s way of saying, “Hey, it’s okay, there’s a reboot button.

For those deep in a Shogun-fuelled feudal Japan rabbit hole, like me, I see you.

Seeing the world do its thing like communities banding together in the face of a challenge, or scientists breaking new ground that even sci-fi writers would envy, it’s clear that Easter’s spirit of dusting off and starting new is both a global mood and just for us.

Our planet’s at one of those crossroads moments. (We may be too.) It’s nudging us, maybe even shoving us a bit, toward teaming up for a spring clean. And every little action we take toward living more in tune with nature is good vibes and us playing out the Easter story of bouncing back. 

But this time, with the Earth as the main character.

So, how can you use the energy of this Easter not just to stock up on half-priced chocolate post-holiday (though, I approve of that plan), but to reflect on your own stories of bouncing back and renewing?

Maybe it was the time you lost your job unexpectedly, but after some soul-searching, you found an even better opportunity that was more aligned with your values and talents. 

Or perhaps you’re remembering how you emerged from a difficult breakup, realizing your own strength and independence after months of sadness and doubt. 

It could be that you’re reflecting on your recovery from a health scare or challenging medical treatment, feeling gratitude for your resilience and the support system that helped carry you through.

It may be bouncing back from bankruptcy or financial hardship by taking on a new mindset around money and taking control of your finances. 

Others might recall the dark night of the soul after a spiritual crisis or loss of faith, and the transformative renewal that came from questioning everything and ultimately finding a deeper sense of meaning.

Whatever your unique story of resurrection, you can use this seasonal metaphor to honour your ability to rise again after setbacks, shed some old skin, and step into new chapters of growth and vitality. 

Because Easter gives us a moment to consider what kind of renewal we’re aiming for. Small, big, personal, global, or a bit of it all. 

What does your reboot button look like? 


I’m also thinking of the image of the Easter Bunny – because if there’s anyone who knows about hopping over obstacles and pushing forward, it’s that tireless fluffball. Great symbol. Or maybe it’s a mascot? 

Classic Easter Bunny

Either way, maybe we could all use a bit of that energy, focusing not on how far we have to go, but on the power of the next leap forward. That way, Easter can be less about the fluff and more about the stuff. 😉


With this wild spring energy and eclipse madness in full swing, I know that some of you might be feelin’ like you need more than a monthly call with me.

Maybe you’re going through a life redo and want the accountability to stay on track. Or maybe you’ve just entered a mind-blown phase after an existential reckoning and need a weekly support container.

Whatever your rebirth looks like, I’m here for it. Which is why I’m opening up a limited number of weekly intensive spots starting in April. 

We’ll look at what’s being eclipsed out, and integrate those cosmic shakeups into your day-to-day. Think of it as your own personal lovechildhood – I’ll be the midwife as you birth something fresh and true. And the weekly format allows us to spiral through this metamorphosis together.

If you hear the call to be rebirthed into your next level, now’s the time to pay attention. 

Spots are limited because I’ll be pouring deep attention into this container. If this resonates, I’ll see you inside. And be prepared for life to get exquisitely cracked open!

I hope this Easter season you have meaningful pauses, chocolate (obviously), and maybe, just maybe, the kind of renewal that resonates with you, right where you’re at.

Love, Jonni

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