I’m taking a leaf out of the gardener’s book 🍃👩‍🌾 

Uncategorized • November 30, 2023

We’re teetering on the brink of December 1st, poised to plunge into the month’s unmistakable enchantment. But December isn’t just a flip of the calendar page. It’s a realm where the every day gets a dusting of extraordinary. So, snuggle up, keep your sense of wonder at the ready, and unearth the magic tucked in each day of this delightful month. 

Hello again, and a twinkling welcome back.

Can you believe tomorrow is December? This year, I find myself in a different rhythm – no special Christmas baking yet, no lists of gift ideas, and even the festive decorations are still tucked away in boxes. In the garage. And surprisingly, I’m completely at ease with it.

Usually, by this time, I’d be deep in full festive mode. But this December, I’m taking a different approach, a slower pace. I realized that sometimes, the rush to ‘get everything done’ can make us miss the magic of the moment – the quiet, the simplicity, the beauty of just being.


Which got me thinking about a past life regression session I conducted with a client a number of years ago who discovered she was a gardener in the 1800s. It’s always stayed with me. 

Her life was defined by the slow patient nurturing of plants and understanding the rhythm of seasons.  It was a stark contrast to her current fast-paced life, and this was a revelation to her. 

She realized her impatience and its tempo was a symptom of disconnecting from life’s natural rhythm. And her current challenges were seeds that needed time to grow, not obstacles to be hastily overcome. It reminded both of us that true growth and beauty often emerge from stillness and patience, not haste.


There’s a real elegance in life’s gradual unfolding. Rushing through can cause us to miss those subtle lessons, the gentle growth that happens quietly, almost imperceptibly beneath the surface. Our growth usually isn’t immediately apparent but we see it over seasons and lifetimes. We’re like a tree that way.

Patience is more than just waiting. It’s about trusting life’s timing, recognizing that each moment and experience connects us to our past and future selves in the continuum of time.

In today’s fast-paced world, patience can seem like a forgotten virtue because we’re so often seeking immediate satisfaction. We want it now, happiness now, results now. 

But the continuum of life doesn’t conform to our impulsive and hurried schedules.

So, this year, I’m taking a leaf out of the gardener’s book. I’m focusing on being present in each moment, appreciating the now, and trusting that things will unfold in their own time.

December for me will be about patience and presence, not a checklist of tasks. 

And, if you’re feeling behind in your holiday prep, remember, it’s okay. 


This season, I intend to prioritize being over doing. I want to navigate December with grace. I’m planning to relish the small things – the warmth of my snuggliest blanket, the laughter with my bestie as we share steaming mugs in our local coffee shop, the tranquillity of a winter evening sitting on the sofa with my husband watching the next episode of our newest favourite series. It’s about patience and being present, trusting the natural flow and perfect timing of life.

Maybe this year our celebrations will be simpler because there’s immense joy to be found in simplicity and serenity in the uncomplicated.

I invite you to join me in letting the holiday season unfold at its own pace, without losing yourself in the whirlwind. How does that resonate for you? 

Wishing you a month filled with warmth, joy, and meaningful pauses,



Once more, I’ve plunged headfirst into the digital abyss, in a relentless quest for those quirky treasures that delightfully warp our notions of time. Oh, and in true fashionably late style, I’ve finally started watching ‘Julia’ — after all, following ‘Lessons in Chemistry’, it seemed almost predestined. So, what sort of temporal-twisting marvels have I tripped over in our wonderfully whirling cosmos this week?

  • Kicking things off – time travel in superhero flicks isn’t the usual fare, but when it does make an appearance, it sure cranks up the creativity notch! Presenting to you: ‘The 10 Best Time Travel Moments in Superhero Movies’ — where capes and clocks collide in the most spectacular of ways!
  • And finally, wanna take a short mind-bending journey with Chris Lintott, the astrophysics whiz from the University of Oxford? He’s tackling a head-scratcher: Why do we age slower on a plane (and other incredibly bizarre twists of relativity)?

And that’s a wrap from your favourite cosmic sleuth’s hideout for now.

Keep those eyes twinkling with wonder and your curiosity forever cranked to eleven,

Jonni 🌟✨

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