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Uncategorized • November 23, 2023

We’re going deep into the heart of late November, and you know what that means – Christmas markets are popping up, and it’s time to start slotting those holiday parties and events into our calendars. Welcome back to the world getting dressed up in its festive best. There’s a certain kind of excitement in the air, a buzz that only this time of year can bring. Take a beat to soak in the magic around you, the kind that weaves nostalgia and joy into the fabric of your days.

Hey Cosmic Companion,

There’s something I’ve been thinking about that I want to share with you this week.

If you’ve had sessions with me, you’ve probably noticed a recurring theme. I’m talking about those probing questions you ask – “What’s happening in the universe right now, Jonni?” or “Why is life feeling so intense these days?” 

These kinds of questions are more than just curiosity. They hint at a deeper connection we all have with the cosmic tides that shape our existence.


Take my client, Alex, for example (because she’s fresh in my mind). Life felt rough to her, sometimes more, sometimes less. In one of our recent sessions, Alex echoed these same questions because she was looking for some understanding, some why behind the what. 

Now, I call myself a time traveller, because I see life as an unbroken continuum, where the influences of time and space interweave with our everyday existence. So, when I peered into the energetic patterns shaping the coming week while talking to Alex, I could feel a shift was on the horizon, a change that suggested the possibilities of some respite. 


I want to be clear. I’m not talking about predicting the future. I’m talking about understanding the flow of time and how it resonates with us right here, right now.

I think of each week as a chapter in our ongoing story, a blend of the universal dance and our personal narrative. So, it’s about reading the signs, understanding the ebb and flow of energies, and translating that into actionable wisdom for you.

When you ask about the happenings of the world, you know that on the energetic level, it’s all interconnected – the movement of planets, the cycles of the sun, the collective pulse of humanity. They’re not just distant events. They’re the rhythm our lives are set to. They shape our emotions, our challenges, and our victories.

And that’s what I’m here for. 

I’ve developed this learned and intuitive ‘finger on the pulse’ of the universe. It’s not just about being informed. It’s about feeling those subtle shifts in energy, both on a cosmic and earthly level.

So I plunge into these cosmic and earthly rhythms, exploring how they intertwine with our psychological, emotional, and spiritual facets. And then I bring that vast, universal perspective to the personal level, making it relevant to your daily life.


We are definitely in this world together. Always have been. We’re navigating the vastness of life, feeling the universe’s pulse, and making sense of our part in it all.  

That’s why I’m here  – to guide you through these rhythms, to help you connect the dots, and to offer insights that resonate with your soul.

So, stay tuned for more reflections and insights on this topic I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, take a moment to pause, breathe into that pause, and feel the pulse of life around and within you. The universe is speaking.

Wishing you clarity and light in the week ahead,


P.S. – Your experiences and your insights matter. If you feel like sharing how the cosmic and earthly tides are touching your life, I’m here to listen. After all, this journey we’re on is all the richer when we share it. 


I’ve also been diving into the digital depths again, on the hunt for those unique nuggets that twist and turn our concepts of time – all this while tapping my foot, eagerly (and a bit impatiently) awaiting the finale of “Lessons in Chemistry.” So, what kind of time-bending gems have I stumbled upon in our dizzying universe this week?

  • First up, Denyse O’Leary, a sharp freelance journalist from Victoria, Canada, offers a thought-provoking 5-minute piece. She dives into the debate about the multiverse – is it “unscientific nonsense” or a kind of “religious” belief, as some physicists suggest? Remember, the art of storytelling bends different rules than the laws of nature.
  • And if you’re wondering about the quirks of time, astrophysicist Chris Lintott has something intriguing. In his piece, “Why You Age Slower on a Plane (and Other Incredibly Strange Effects of Relativity),” he explores Einstein’s time-bending predictions. Want to experience “time dilation” at its most dramatic? Apparently, heading into a black hole is your best bet (though I wouldn’t recommend packing your bags for that trip just yet).

That’s all from the cosmic detective’s corner for now. 

Stay starry-eyed and ever-curious,


Time travel is connecting dots in a never-ending story, making sense of today with echoes from yesterday and hints of tomorrow.


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