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Uncategorized • November 9, 2023

The clocks have rolled back and we’re given that rarest of gifts: a little more time. But that extra hour that can make the morning seem so bright, tucks the evening away under the night sky’s blanket too soon. Here’s to embracing the longer nights as a chance to turn inward, to reflect and explore – not just the paths we’ve walked, but the ones we’ve yet to tread or those we travel in the silent spaces of our imagination. 

Hey there, 

If you’re new here or we haven’t yet travelled the cosmic byways together, I’ve got something special for you. I love nothing more than yanking back the starry drapes to show you the real deal behind all the glitz. So today, I thought I’d do that – invite you into the heart of what happens when you jump on board for a one-on-one time travel adventure with me.

Step 1: Setting the Scene

Now, every meaningful adventure starts with getting our ducks in a row. It’s all about crafting a space where trust is the bedrock and understanding is the air we breathe. In this opening act, we’re not just shaking hands and swapping stories – we’re aligning our compasses for a journey that’s truly our own. We’ll lay out our map, pinpointing your deepest yearnings, painful struggles, and the quiet prompts that brought you to my virtual space. Think of it as prepping for a cosmic voyage, where the stars we’re navigating are the ones twinkling in the depths of your soul, because the universe you’re exploring is the one inside you.

Step 2: The Cosmic Dive

It’s anything but ordinary chit-chat therapy, your garden-variety gab session. Instead, it’s more an eclectic mix of inner wisdom & intuition, healing dialogue, and a sprinkle of otherworldly stardust. With a little time-travelling finesse, I’ll be your guide to unlocking doors you might not even know existed, steering you through the echoes of past lives and those mystical pockets where secrets of your soul’s story wait to be unlocked. It’s an experience that transcends the tick-tock of the clock, intricately mingling memories and emotions. It’s about harmonizing the silent music of time and the vibrant hues of your emotions into a dance that’s absolutely unique. It holds the key to your release, understanding, healing – truths and revelations. It’s a rhythm all its own.

Step 3: The Heart-to-Heart

When we come back from each journey through the corridors of time, we’ll take a moment — a soft, reflective pause. You’ll probably be holding a kaleidoscope of feelings and truths you’ve unearthed along the way. Then, together, we’ll sift through these discoveries, not with the formality of a debrief, but with the intimacy of a heart-to-heart. These aren’t just realizations. They’re homecomings of the soul, echoes of wisdom you’ve carried with you all along. They’re the kind of profound, soul-stirring truths that connect you across the expanse of time — intimate, deep, and utterly transformative.

Step 4: Weaving the Tapestry

After each nugget of truth emerges, it’s time to stitch it into the here and now. This journey isn’t just about uncovering profound secrets. It’s about rooting them into the fabric of your everyday life. With years of wisdom tucked under my belt, I’m here to help you plant these seeds of insight so they can blossom into transformative cornerstones for your walk in this world. It’s about taking the celestial and making it practical, ensuring the extraordinary insights from our sessions enrich your everyday moments.

Step 5: The Ongoing Odyssey

This isn’t a goodbye. It’s more of a ‘see you along the way.’ Our session might end, but our journey together sure doesn’t. I’ve been told I stick around in your mind – as a guiding light, a resonant voice, or maybe that gentle nudge when you need it most. And honestly, I’m always here, ready to offer a steady hand as you trek through new terrains of insight and personal growth. Consider each session a vital entry in the ongoing story of you. And with every entry, you’re not just getting deeper into the cosmos, you’re grasping more firmly your own unique role in this grand, intertwining narrative.


In our day-to-day grind, where the ordinary can cloud the extraordinary, there’s something downright thrilling about reaching for the stars – about diving into the vast, complex beauty of who we are. 

Think of the universe as this grand, cosmic orchestra, and our lives as the melodies woven within it. When you and I journey together, we’re not just sightseeing, we’re attuning ourselves to the music of existence, teasing out the melodies that spell out ‘you’ in the most authentic way.

Linking arms with you, stepping into the unknown, it’s more than faith. It’s a pact with your soul for growth and enlightenment. 

So, if you find yourself on the brink, contemplating the plunge into this cosmic odyssey, don’t just stand there. Jump in. Give yourself over to the discovery of the vast, intricate choreography that is your life.

If you’ve yet to join me on a journey through time but your curiosity’s been sparked, I’ve got something special for you. It’s a little starter nugget I call the “Discover Your Time Traveller Personality” quiz. Just ten questions – ten little steps on the path – and you’ll uncover the time traveller in you, along with a personalized glimpse into the ways time travel therapy might illuminate your path.

Remember, every grand adventure kicks off with that first pulse of excitement, that whisper of ‘what if,’ and often, just a simple click. Consider this quiz your first step into a larger world. 🌟

Until our paths cross in time, remain radiant, remain curious.


I’ve been on a hunt, like a detective on the trail of the unknown, combing through the digital universe for treasures that twist time like a pretzel—all while wrapping up the final twists of Netflix’s mind-warper “Dark.” So, what gems have I dug up this time from the farthest-flung corners of our time-tangled cosmos?

  • For the followers of the “Planet of the Apes” saga, the latest one, “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” is hitting the scene next year. It’s been a wild ride since ’68, and now, Proximus Caesar is on a hunt for what’s hinted to be some kind of lost human tech. Could be space gear, could be time-hopping tools. Curious? Peek at the details here and here.
  • Every time travel tale has its playbook, but get this – there’s this gem from seventy years back that might just school the new kids on the block. “I’ll Never Forget You” spins a time travel tale that’s got a leg up on some of today’s best. 
  • And here’s the kicker: “Time Travel at Sea”. This tale’s got it all – days, months, years, seasons, centuries. This ship was in a cosmic crisscross that’ll have your head spinning. The full scoop? Find it here.

There you have it. This month’s cache of curiosities from the chronal crossroads. 

Until next time, keep your compass set to wonder, and your eyes on the stars.


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