🌕How I navigate heaviness by using time travel as my GPS

Uncategorized • November 2, 2023

November has arrived. The jack-o-lanterns might be gone, but the mysteries of the universe remain, ever-present and ever-intriguing. As the days grow shorter and the nights draw in, it’s a perfect moment to reflect and explore the vast tapestry of time that weaves our collective story. Welcome back to your sanctuary for understanding the past, catapulting into the future, and occasionally sidestepping into ‘parallel realities’ that stretch your understanding and enrich your soul’s journey.

I’m typing this with my cardinal-coloured chunky knit blanket on my lap and blowing on my too-hot-to-drink ginger tea after every sentence. 

Maybe I’m still in the afterglow of the recent full moon eclipse, or maybe the darker mornings are casting their spell, but there’s a tangible heaviness in the air. Are you feeling it, too?

I don’t mean to sound ominous. If you know me, you know I’m a natural optimist, so I’m not predicting any doom or gloom. But what I’m feeling, more so than usual, is super-sensitive. Like my spiritual X-ray vision has been dialled up to …eleven.

And that’s not a bad thing.

In this fast-paced modern world where rationality often overshadows intuition, being sensitive – especially super-sensitive – can seem like a burden. You might be tempted to shut it down, to put on a thicker skin. But you know your sensitivity can be your greatest strength, your hidden superpower, don’t you?

Your sensitivity is your Spider-Man’s spidey sense, alerting you to things most people can’t perceive, never mind articulate. It’s not about “toughening up”. It’s about tuning in.


Now, how does time travel come into this? Well, when your sensitivity is dialled up, the universe is sending you a message: It’s “time” to zoom out and get some perspective.

When I’m feeling like this – like my emotional and psychic sensors are going a little haywire – I lean into time travel whether it’s past life regression, future life progression, exploring parallel universes, in-between lifetimes – whatever, wherever, whenever – because it gives me that high-and-broad view of my life’s landscape. 

It’s as if I’m suddenly flying above the storm clouds, looking down at the patterns, the symbols, and the signposts that tell me not just where I’ve been or where I’m going, but also how to navigate the present moment.

Zooming out is my GPS. Getting a bigger picture of it all, a little temporal elevation. 

The world may appear in chaos, but from a cosmic viewpoint, it all starts to make sense – the interconnectedness of it all, the divine synchronicity and timing. 

And once you’ve experienced that, your earthly worries seem a lot more manageable. From chaos to order.

Let me share a quick story from this week that totally reaffirms why I do what I do. 


Megan is a gem of a human who popped into my virtual space just a few weeks ago. She sounded like she’d been put through the wringer – backstabbing stress at work, new normal family drama, her dog died – you get it.

Megan wanted to time travel and I couldn’t agree more, so, we started with a future life progression – which is very rare – but we followed our instincts.

Because we do time travel over Zoom, I can tell you that Megan’s face absolutely lit up when she met her future self who was sitting peacefully on a bench in a park, engrossed in writing in a notebook, tapping into her creativity, like there was no tomorrow. 

I want to be clear – this wasn’t just a ‘feel-good’ moment. Megan was getting actionable intel from her own future.

When she “came back,” the weight she’d been carrying seemed to have lifted. She blinked a few times, looked at me and said, ‘It’s like someone wiped my windshield clean.” I laughed. What a great way of saying she could see the road ahead, and it looks beautiful.

This is the power of taking your super-sensitivity and turning it into your own personal GPS. You’re not just bound to the here and now. You’ve got the ability to scope out the scenery of your life, of life itself. 

Time (and space) travel is a lifeline, a navigation tool for the rocky, uncertain terrains. I use it to help me zoom out when I can’t see the forest for the trees. 

Your sensitivity? Think of it as your compass. Your ability to time-travel? That’s your map. Roll them together, and you’ve got a personalized, cosmic guidebook. 

Use them wisely, and the universe will become an open book, with you as both the reader and the writer.


Before I say goodbye this week, there are two unique opportunities I’d love to share with you: 

The energies are potent, and the cosmic veil is thin until November 8th which is why I’ve curated a specialized Time Traveller session designed to maximize the openness of this special time. In 90 minutes, we’ll merge into the wisdom that your past and future selves are eager to share with you. If you’ve been contemplating a journey with me, this is an exquisite time to say yes. Explore the Possibilities

The other opportunity is brand new and something very close to my heart – 12 individual time travel sessions, spanning an entire year, where we’ll journey together through the intricacies of your past lives, possible futures, and even parallel universes and beyond. It’s a commitment, yes, and also an immeasurable gift to yourself. You’ll emerge from the year with a profound understanding of your life’s path, from the broadest cosmic views to the tiniest earthly details. Learn More

Consider these your tools for navigating the mysterious, beautiful complexity of your existence, and existence itself, in chaos and in order.

So, whether it’s the weight of the world or the pull of the moon, remember you’re not alone, and my recommendation is to seek a broader perspective. Sensitivity isn’t your kryptonite. It’s your rocket fuel for a journey through the multiverse.

I’m scouring the internet like an intrepid explorer, searching for all things that bend the fabric of space-time – all while binging Netflix’s mind-bending German series, “Dark.” So, what treasures have I unearthed this week from the cosmic corners of the time-travel universe and beyond?

For those of you intrigued by the phenomenon of children recalling past lives – something I often talk about  – you’ll want to check out this captivating piece: “People Share the Strange Things Kids Have Said About Their Past Lives”. It’s a fascinating read that’ll have you pondering the mysteries of reincarnation. And your children.

If you, like me, find Christopher Nolan’s style absolutely compelling, you won’t want to miss his insights on the subject of time, a recurring theme in his films. Take a moment to read: “The Camera is a Time Machine: Christopher Nolan on Why Time Is a Recurring Theme in His Movies”. It’s as if Nolan’s camera lens offers a portal into dimensions we’ve yet to fully understand.

And last but certainly not least, I’ve got a mind-bending recommendation for the bookworms and cosmophiles among us. ‘The Warped Side of Our Universe: An Odyssey Through Black Holes, Wormholes, Time Travel, and Gravitational Waves’ is a literary and artistic masterpiece. A culmination of nearly two decades of creative labour, this book marries evocative poetry with vivid, pulsating paintings, delving deep into the esoteric enigmas of the cosmos. This isn’t just a read. It’s an experience. And one that will reshape your understanding of the universe and perhaps even awaken dormant wisdom within your soul. Check it out.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Sending you love and cosmic clarity,


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