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Uncategorized • October 26, 2023

The end of October. Ghosts and goblins roam the streets, pumpkins smile from every porch, and the veil between worlds feels just a bit thinner. It’s a time when mysteries unfold and imagination reigns.

Hello Time Travellers and Conscious Explorers. 

I’ve got something practical to share with you today that involves Sherri – (not her real name, but she said to call her Sherri if I wrote about her). 

Sherri’s not a new face in my practice. She’s been with me before, exploring time and consciousness in the cozy setting of one of my Vancouver offices, years ago.

But last month, she reconnected with a whole new mission to align her career with her sense of purpose. We did 3 time travelling journeys and her insights were off the charts. But what really caught my attention was her take on the difference between Zoom sessions and in-person visits.

Before we venture too far into the Zoom cosmos, here’s a little trip down memory lane: for almost two decades, I welcomed time travel sessions in person in my various Vancouver offices. It was extraordinary. But when life moved me in the direction of virtual practice, I discovered that the screen didn’t create distance – it forged a different kind of closeness, a new modality of connection. In fact, it opened up a whole new frontier. 

So here’s the highlights – thank you, Sherri.

🏡 Home Sweet Home

I want to start with the obvious – when you’re at home, you’re relaxed. It’s your space, filled with your energy, your smells, and your favourite blanket thrown over the couch. And you can bring all that into your session. Sherri found that being in her own environment during our virtual sessions allowed her to drop into a state of deep relaxation more easily than she ever did in my office. It’s kind of like having the home-field advantage, but for your soul. 

⌚️ Beat the Clock

Remember the days of racing the clock to get to my office on time? Or scrounging for parking meter change? Yeah, none of that with Zoom. You’re already where you need to be, which means we can get right into it, focusing on what really matters. More time for the good stuff, less time stressing. 

🌟 Energy Unfiltered

Here’s something intriguing. The lack of physical proximity doesn’t dilute the energy. Actually, both Sherri and I agree – it amplifies it. Sherri said it felt like the energy was actually clearer and stronger. No distractions from other energies, no residual vibes from the last client who came before you that day. The space is uncluttered energetically, allowing for a more “pure” connection to your own inner experiences. 

🌈 The Feels

Sherri was laser-focused on imbuing her career transition with a deep, resonating sense of purpose. She wanted to feel it in her bones as well as visualize it clearly so she could take real-world steps toward it. Zooming from home made that easier than ever. Being in her own space, unfiltered and undistracted, she found it easier to connect with those feelings. And once the feeling is there, the steps to bring the vision to life become almost self-evident.

🤔 So, Zoom or Room?

Both have their perks and merits. A dedicated physical space has its own kind of magic, but if you’re like Sherri, Zoom’s got its own benefits that far outweigh the in-person experience. 

It’s really about what works best for you, but don’t knock the virtual option until you’ve tried it. The journey’s what you make it. And isn’t it kinda cool that time travel in the 21st century can be as simple as logging into a Zoom call?


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Until next time, may your days be as spirited as a Halloween haunt and your nights as serene as a whispered All Hallows’ Eve wish,


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