Last call to bend time ⌛️

Uncategorized • September 13, 2023

Hey there,

Here I am, popping up a day earlier than usual. Don’t worry, it’s not Mercury playing games—it’s just my last call announcement.

Tomorrow marks a special day – the day of my group workshop that’s diving into the mesmerizing world of time travel. Yep, you heard it right, tomorrow. And you’re invited.

This is your chance to tap into your deepest self, to unearth some buried memories and untold stories that have shaped who you are. It’s like finding the missing pieces of your puzzle and seeing the bigger picture of your journey through life – piecing together a puzzle that’s uniquely you.

So, this Zoom workshop happening tomorrow is essentially a deep dive into the realms of past life regression, future life progression, and those mysterious in-between moments.

Why should you be intrigued? Because It’s not just about reliving the past or predicting the future. It’s understanding how your experiences shape you, how your decisions reverberate through time, and how you can become the master of your destiny.

I get it. The whole time travel concept might sound a bit “out there” if you’ve never ventured into these territories before. But this workshop is your cosmic entry point. It’s a safe space to dip your toes into the waters of time travel, guided by me, a seasoned practitioner for over 30 years who knows the ins and outs of this unique journey.

No judgment, just exploration. And a whole lotta ahas.

Ready for the juicy part? The workshop kicks off tomorrow at 5 PM PDT, and this is your golden ticket to jump in. It’s your shot at delving into uncharted waters, soaking in new knowledge, and vibing with fellow explorers (or staying incognito with your camera off if you prefer).

I’m keeping it small and cozy, so whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned time-traveller, you’re in for a treat.

You know, I believe deep down, we all want to understand our existence. The concept of time travel—a canvas that stretches from past life whispers to future life echoes, and all points in between and beyond —answers this universal yearning. It’s like a backstage pass to a concert of lifetimes, where the songs of the past and future converge into a jam session that’s uniquely yours.  It’s a gateway to a realm where the boundaries between different lifetimes blur so you can see what connects them all. All you need is an open heart and a curious spirit.

Got questions? Second thoughts? I’m all ears. Just hit reply, and let’s e-chat.

And hopefully, I’ll see you on tomorrow’s journey that bends time and expands your mind.

See you on the flip side,


P.S. No turning back now (👈 pun intended)! Grab your spot before the clock strikes midnight. Consider it a date with destiny you won’t want to miss.

P.S. I forgot to tell you the title of the workshop – 🤦‍♀️- ‘The Road to Reinvention: A Past Life Regression Workshop for Embracing Your Unique Destiny‘.

Not everyone has weeks to spare to do 1:1 time travelling, so in this workshop, I’m bringing you a sneak peek of:

✨ My magical style

✨ The vibes we’ll create

✨ Time Travel discussions with Q&A

✨ Camaraderie with fellow explorers (or privacy if you prefer)

Dip your toes in. In tomorrow’s workshop, you’ll:

🌟 Stroll through an era (or 2) with me

🌟 Have my eagle eyes on your entire experience

🌟 Get personalized feedback

If this speaks to you, get the details here.

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