The chaotic catalyst energy is here; are you feeling it? ✨🌪️

Uncategorized • August 31, 2023

Are you alright in your corner of the world? Is everything okay over there?

The unanimous feeling I hear from many of those I speak with is that we’re in the midst of some heavy stuff right now. Intense emotions. Old cycles echoing back. Followed by the sudden desire to sell everything and escape to an island with a few chickens and a veggie garden.

I won’t pretend to be an astrological whiz, (I leave that to Marielle Croft) but let’s talk about how to guide ourselves through this “I want to escape” phase.

What you’re in the midst of is a time when you’ve got to put all your self-knowledge and growth strategies to work because of the intense uncertainty you’re feeling on an energetic level. The journey you might be undertaking is a period in time when all the knowledge and growth you’ve accrued has to manifest into a living practice. The turbulence you’re sensing on a vibrational plane is calling for it.

Sure, growing and thriving feels natural when it’s your choice. But the sweet duality of life throws curveballs. And that’s where the real growth happens. That’s where true transformation occurs.

During these periods, many people forget everything they’ve learned about and for themselves. They lose sight of the wisdom they’ve cultivated. They want to burn everything down, revert to ‘bad’ habits and old ways, and that’s a big reason why they often feel like they’re starting from scratch.

  • They doubt their ability to navigate through this time and emerge whole. 
  • They fear leaning back into what worked before.
  • They’re unsure about making investments amidst uncertainty.

If you’re feeling this too, here’s what I’m currently sharing with my clients:

#1: What you’re going through right now is an opportunity, a catalyst, to become the next version of yourself.

This phase isn’t just about personal transformation; it’s also an opportunity to refine your capacity as a leader of others: a friend, a parent, a partner, a neighbour, a colleague. You can only hold space for others to the extent you hold it for yourself.

Are you apprehensive about handling your emotional depths? Fearful of navigating without all answers in hand? Anxious about being perceived as valueless in moments of struggle? Dreading the notion of reaching your zenith? Wavering amidst uncertainty? 

If any of these ring true, it’s time to find neutrality on your journey. How you navigate this sets the tone for your next level. And being a better self-leader means everything else gets better. Embrace this as your catalyst.

#2: Move from a place of empowerment, not fear

Pause, reflect, and question your motivations. “Does this action arise from past fears, or does it resonate with my expansive vision?”

Remember: “When I’m present, I can win/find peace with the day. And if I focus on winning or finding peace with each day as it comes, I have nothing to fear about what the future holds.” 

#3: Embrace refinement, precision, and equilibrium

Avoid rash impulsive decisions born of fear. Instead, ALLOW the discomfort and sit in contemplation. Yes, really. See the opportunity for resolution, not evasion. The path to triumph/success/peace isn’t skirting around unease, but confronting it. Holding it. Go all in on yourself.

#4: Clean and create space

Rather than invoking infernos, consider cleansing, reviving, realigning. Prepare a structured plan for the process. Structure is masculine. To balance the feminine emotions, invite masculine structure to support you. Revitalize your schedule for greater space. Be honest with yourself. Start with cleaning out containers (cupboards, drawers, closets, computers, rooms, etc.) Create a new roadmap for going forward.

#5: Rest to awaken clarity

Give your brain a break. When was the last time you allowed your mind to rest? Think of your mind as an outlet generating power for your life. If it’s always running at full throttle, it has no room for new insights. So, allow yourself to rest. Take time to rejuvenate. As you contemplate new strategies in your life, give yourself this reprieve. 

This can be a challenging phase, but remember you’re not alone. And that’s where I come in. If we work together, you won’t just get strategies, you’ll get the strength to hold and echo the wisdom you might not yet fully own on your own. You’ll gain confidence, validation, and a visionary and practical roadmap to navigate these times.

If you’re yearning for a safe place to land amidst the storm, I have openings in my ‘Accountability Accelerator’ – the monthly or bi-monthly convos. Whatever it takes for you to stay rooted amidst the chaos so you can amplify your progress, self-trust, and the light you shine for yourself and all those around you. 

Oh, and for your future self when she/he/they stumbles next time.

You don’t have to sail this sea alone. Hit reply if you want me to help you find which container suits you best at this moment. 

Until then, stay resilient, breathe into your own power, and let’s navigate this together. 


P.S. If the winds of change whisper to your soul, listen closely. Together we can navigate this transition time with intention and create a space for healing and renewal. 🕊️ If you’re drawn to inner exploration and growth with courage, ‘The 14-Day Autumn Awakening‘ starts tomorrow. All the deets are here. The unfolding possibilities are waiting for you. 🍂

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